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  Category: Wireless Networking > Wireless Modules

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Quick Info Web ID: 1032072300 Mfr. Part: N8T16UT#ABA
Check e-mail, browse the Internet, and connect to your corporate network with dedicated broadband from the HP lt4120 LTE/EV-DO/HSPA+ WWAN.FeaturesFast, flexible freedom Access 3G or 4G networks and service bands that include LTE FDD, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or WCDMA/HSPA+ and roam across multiple networks around the world on a secure, private broadband connection. Find your way Enjoy integrated personal navigation from the built-in GPS. World-class support Rest easy with a one-year limited warranty.

Panasonic Wireless Module

for Projector

Web ID: 1032259373 Mfr. Part: ETWML100U

Cisco 802.11ac Wave 1 Module for AP3600, A Reg Domain

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11ac - 1300 Mbit/s for Access Point

Quick Info Web ID: 1024846602 Mfr. Part: AIR-RM3000AC-A-K9=
Taking advantage of the flexible, modular design ofthe Cisco Aironet®3600 Series Access Point, theCisco®802.11ac Module delivers the industry's firstenterprise-class implementation of next-generationWi-Fi connectivity, as defined by the IEEE802.11ac Wave 1 draft specification.

Cisco Wireless Security & Spectrum Intelligence Module

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11n - 54 Mbit/s for Access Point

Quick Info Web ID: 1024264643 Mfr. Part: AIR-RM3000M=
The Cisco® Wireless Security module (WSM), taking advantage of the flexible modular design introduced with the Cisco Aironet®3600 Series Access Points and carried forward with the Cisco Aironet®3700 Series Access Points, delivers unprecedented, always-on security scanning and spectrum intelligence, which helps you avoid RF interference so that you get better coverage and performance on your wireless network.

HP MSR 802.11b/g/n Wireless Access Point SIC Module

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11n - 54 Mbit/s for Router

Web ID: 1021006014 Mfr. Part: JG211A


for Router

Quick Info Web ID: 1031750738 Mfr. Part: JG929A
An enterprise-level 3G access solution which can be used for both primary and backup WAN links. Supports 3G standards such as HSPA, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS. For use in selected HP MSR routers.


for Router

Web ID: 1032643456 Mfr. Part: JG744B

Cisco Wireless Security and Spectrum Intelligence Module, 10 Pack

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11n - 54 Mbit/s for Access Point

Quick Info Web ID: 1024312127 Mfr. Part: AIR-RM3000M-10=
The Cisco® Wireless Security and Spectrum Intelligence (WSSI) module, taking advantage of the flexible modular design of the Cisco Aironet® 3600 Series Access Point, delivers unprecedented, always-on security scanning and spectrum intelligence, which helps you avoid RF interference so that you get better coverage and performance on your wireless network.


Web ID: 1028236441 Mfr. Part: J8F06AA

Cisco Hyperlocation Module with Advanced Security;

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11ac - 54 Mbit/s for Access Point

Quick Info Web ID: 1032610078 Mfr. Part: AIR-RM3010L-E-K9=
The same business and personal benefits that GPS and mobile map services have brought to the outdoors are now being realized in the indoor enterprise space. The applications are numerous, and they include wayfinding in malls, hospitals, and hotels; flexible employee workspace use; tracking wait times at airport security lines; retail product placement; etc. To date the solutions that cater to these applications have multiple challenges and limitations such as coarse 5- to 10-meter accuracy and slow location refresh, along with nonstandard expensive approaches using video and RF technology. Occasionally, these solutions cleverly use battery-powered BLE beacons that although simple in concept, are logistically and operationally onerous. The Cisco Hyperlocation solution introduces hardware and software innovation that can deliver 1-meter location accuracy for associated Wi-Fi clients. This solution takes advantage of existing Cisco Wi-Fi networks and can be centrally managed. The Cisco Hyperlocation Module with Advanced Security also integrates BLE beacons with the module. Customers can take advantage of hassle-free BLE beacon deployment that is powered over Ethernet and centrally managed from the convenience of a data center. This model eliminates the need for local IT engineers to do a walk-by inspection of BLE beacon health using applications on their smart devices. Cisco Hyperlocation brings virtual beacon technology so that a single Hyperlocation module provides five different BLE beacons for consumer applications. With this five-beacon advantage, a retail store can have unique applications developed for a shopper, a vendor who fills the merchandise aisle, or a retail staff doing routine price checks.

Cisco HWIC-AP-AG-N High-Speed WAN Interface Card

Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11a/b/g - 54Mbps

Quick Info Web ID: 1010944063 Mfr. Part: HWIC-AP-AG-N
The Cisco HWIC-AP-AG-N is a Wireless LAN interface card in the HWIC (High-Speed WAN Interface Card) form factor providing integrated Access Point functionality in the Cisco 1800 (Modular), Cisco 2800, and Cisco 3800 Integrated Services Routers. Enterprise branch office and small-to-medium business customers can run concurrent services of Layer 3 routing, security, Layer 2 switching and now IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN functionality in a single platform.

Cisco ME 4600 Indoor RGW ONT

Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11n - 300 Mbit/s

Quick Info Web ID: 1028050035 Mfr. Part: ME4624-ONT-RGW-RF=
Carrier Ethernet is a fundamental element of the Cisco® Evolved Programmable Network (EPN). This proven end-to-end network solution for video, mobile, and cloud can help customers increase revenue opportunities while reducing costs. It helps service providers develop a truly integrated, multidirectional network infrastructure in which all elements, from the core to the edge, access, aggregation, and data center, are intelligently linked and orchestrated to work together. Over the years, fiber-based access has proven to be a cost-effective way to reach customer premises to deliver managed business and residential services. The Cisco ME 4600 Series Optical Network Terminal (ONT) portfolio offers an exceptionally broad and scalable solution. The Cisco ME 4600 series offers network service providers a flexible and cost-effective approach for optical fiber access solutions over active or passive optical network architectures.

Cisco 4G LTE EHWIC for AT&T

100 Mbit/s for Router

Quick Info Web ID: 1023898743 Mfr. Part: EHWIC-4G-LTE-A=
Fast, Secure, and Robust Wireless WAN In markets where customers are constantly moving and business opportunities open up suddenly, you need to be able to quickly deliver enhanced services anywhere at any time. The 4G LTE solution on the Cisco second-generation integrated services routers (ISR G2) can help your business expand rapidly while making critical applications and services available when and where needed. With 4G LTE, wireless WAN (WWAN) is no longer just a backup solution. Your business can run applications such as interactive video and TelePresence on a primary 4G LTE WWAN link, which is 10 to 15 times faster and 5 times lower latency than 3G. The solution reduces cost, complexity, and time to deployment by securely extending wireless mobility to any location covered by a 4G LTE tower, without compromising quality of experience and timely delivery.

Cisco Wireless Module

for Router

Quick Info Web ID: 1024443633 Mfr. Part: CGM-3G-HSPA-G
Wireless 2G and 3G ConnectivityThe Connected Grid Module - Cellular provides second- and third- generation (2G and 3G) wireless backhaul capabilities for the Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers. Cisco Connected Grid Modules expand WAN connectivity options by providing access to Code Division Multiple Access/Evolved Data-Only (CDMA/EVDO) cellular networks as well as Global System for Mobile (GSM), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), and Evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) cellular networks available through various service providers. Wireless connectivity is a convenient alternative to wired connections and serves as the primary WAN connection for the Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers.

Cisco Connected Grid Module - 3G (all bands) HSPA+/UMTS/GSM/EDGE

for Router

Quick Info Web ID: 1029255347 Mfr. Part: CGM-3G-HSPA-AB-G
The Cisco® Connected Grid 2G/3G Cellular Modules are 3G wireless WAN connections for the Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers (CGR 1000 Series). The ruggedized 3G cellular modules and CGR 1000 routers together provide a versatile communications platform for a diverse set of field area network (FAN) and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. They also support and extend utility applications such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA), integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and Remote Workforce Automation to endpoints in the grid.Cisco Connected Grid 2G/3G Cellular Modules deliver service provider?based (public) wireless WAN connectivity for Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers (CGR 1000). These modules support the 3G standards for evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) and Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Rev A. They're also backward-compatible with the following 2G/3G cellular network technologies: High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) EV-DO Rev 0/1xRTT Connected Grid Cellular Modules have two variants: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and UMTS models are based on 3GPP. They support HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS.The ruggedized cellular module and the CGR1000 routers provide a versatile communications platform for a diverse set of FAN and IoT deployments for smart utility grids. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) models are based on 3GPP2. They support EV-DO Rev A/Rev 0 and 1xRTT.

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