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  Category: Document Cameras

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Epson DC-07 Document Camera

0.37" (9.40 mm) CMOS - 8x Digital Zoom - 15 fps

Quick Info Best Seller Web ID: 1041975475 Mfr. Part: V12H759020
The easy, affordable document camera you can take to any classroom. Captivate any classroom with the easy, affordable Epson® DC-07 document camera. This portable performer makes it simple to capture and display documents, 3D objects or experiments. Featuring 1080p resolution and up to 8x digital zoom, it ensures vivid, detailed images. Use the USB connection and included software to easily connect to an Epson projector or a Windows® or Mac® computer. With one-touch auto focus, teachers can quickly focus on what's important. Plus, it features a built-in microphone for added versatility. 1080p resolution, up to 8x digital zoom, auto focus Flexible setup with USB connection Built-in microphone; record lessons Ultra smooth - 15 frames per second (fps) Freeze button - easily pause/resume the image

Epson DC-21 Document Camera

2 Megapixel - 0.37" (9.41 mm) CMOS - 12x Optical Zoom - 10x Digital Zoom

Quick Info Web ID: 1033109688 Mfr. Part: V12H758020
The HD quality document camera that makes ordinary lessons extraordinary.Engage Students Like Never Before With The Epson® Dc-21 Document Camera. This Portable Performer Easily Captures And Displays Books, 3D Objects And Experiments With Amazing Clarity, Thanks To Hd 1080P Resolution, A Large Imaging Sensor And Hdmi® Connectivity. Share The Finest Detail With 12X Optical Zoom And 10X Digital Zoom. Or, Display Magnified Images With The Microscope Adapter. Record Audio With Video Using The Built-In Microphone. At 30 Fps, Video Playback Is Seamless. And, There Are Convenient Freeze And Capture Buttons. Plus, You Can Save Lessons To An Sd Card or computer.

Epson DC-13 Document Camera

0.37" (9.40 mm) CMOS - 16x Digital Zoom

Quick Info Web ID: 1034135425 Mfr. Part: V12H757020
The document camera that engages every student with amazing HD quality. Add new life to any lesson with the high-performance Epson® DC-13 document camera. This portable performer makes it easy to capture and display books and experiments with clarity, thanks to a large imaging sensor and 16x digital zoom. Hi-def lessons are simple, with HDMI® digital connectivity and HD 1080p resolution. Share magnified images with the microscope adapter. Or, record audio with video using the built-in microphone. At 30 fps, video playback is seamless. And, there are convenient Freeze and Capture buttons. You can even save lessons on an SD card or computer.

Adesso NuScan 500A - 5-Megapixel Auto-Focus Visual Presenter (A4 Size)

5 Megapixel CMOS

Quick Info Web ID: 1032142175 Mfr. Part: NUSCAN 500A
The Adesso® NuScan™ 500A 5-Megapixel Auto-Focus Visual Presenter is the ideal tool for presentations, image capturing and video recording. With this visual presenter and your computer, you can capture, using auto-focus, real-time images of 3D objects (up to 8.3 x 11.7 x 15" in size), magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present them through a monitor or projector. With the addition of auto-focus, the unique down-facing lens makes repetitive image capturing, demonstrations, tutorials and lectures comfortable and simple. Along with these great features, you can use the included NimoStudio software with your NuScan™ 500A to take snapshots or record videos of just about anything, edit images and videos with the advanced editing tools, plus enjoy the convenience of sharing files directly from the software. It also offers an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function that scans your captured documents and extracts text, making it easy to share information in other applications without retyping. The NuScan™ 500A combines all the great features of today's most popular image capturing devices into one powerful product.Auto-Focus Capture Use the NuScan 500A with a computer and monitor to create real-time presentations for large audiences. Video scribing software allows drawing on the presentation screen in real-time, making demonstrations, tutorials, and lectures more interactive, so everyone can enjoy a dynamic presentation of what you want to show or explain. Edit Enjoy easy-to-use photo and video editing tools that let you customize every detail. Easily erase retouch images, adjust colors, rotate, crop and much more. Also enjoy adding cool themes, frames, text, and various filters to your videos and slideshows with one click. Images, videos, and audio settings are all adjustable. Digital Filing Organize and view all your captured images

Viewsonic VB-VIS-001 Document Camera

Quick Info Web ID: 1041430946 Mfr. Part: VB-VIS-001
The ViewSonic® VB-VIS-001 is an easy-to-use, plug-n-play Full HD document camera operated with only a single USB cable connected to a PC. The VB-VIS-001 has a professional image sensor that delivers vivid colors at high-definition QXGA and Full HD 1080p output resolutions with 30 frames per second. A jointless, highly flexible gooseneck enables 360-degree viewing and close-range (1.6-in) focus. The VB-VIS-001 also offers annotation over a live image for interactive presentations.

AVer U70 USB Document Camera

8 Megapixel - 0.33" (8.28 mm) CMOS - 16x Digital Zoom

Quick Info Web ID: 1033732391 Mfr. Part: VISIONU70
The easiest plug-n-play USB document camera bundled with premium features and pricing has arrived. U70 produces an extraordinary, 4K quality visual experience while still maintaining its simplicity.Don't miss a pixelU70's 8MP sensor with 16x digital zoom delivers best in class pixel performance capturing full resolution that enables vibrant, ultra-clear images.A whole new level of basicAdd the latest USB power and you've got a document camera that superspeeds everything to and from its connected device providing a lagfree streaming experience.Smart tools are handy toolsWhether you're doing a live demonstration or livestreaming, leverage U70's embedded builtin LED and microphone to enhance the quality of all your visual and audio experiences.Integrate to collaborateUse U70's free Sphere2 & ClassSend software to inspire innovative lesson creation and build classroom engagement. It's the bridge that connects you and your document camera to your students.

AVer AVerVision F17-8M Portable FlexArm Document Camera

8 Megapixel - 0.31" (7.87 mm) CMOS - 27.2x Digital Zoom

Quick Info Web ID: 1037496476 Mfr. Part: VISIF178M
Exceptional 8.0 Megapixel Resolution At 30fps, zoom in and capture engaging details with F17-8M's powerful 8 megapixel sensor and 27.2x digital zoom which displays a large shooting area of 22.83" x 12.83". Easy to Connect, Easy to Display Present and teach with high HD quality with the convenience of HDMI or VGA input and output to your projector, monitor, or computer. Learn From Any Angle Create dynamic lessons with a flexible gooseneck that gives you a wide range of motion allowing your students to see details from all angles. Create Exciting Moments Use AVer's exclusive Sphere2 & ClassSend Software Suite to create, collaborate, upload, and share your lesson plan materials through sites such as YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox. America's Best Doc Cam Warranty program The F17-8M has the industry's only 5-year bumper-to-bumper (all-inclusive) doc cam warranty with 5-year free 2-way RMA shipping and 5-year worry-free standard advanced replacement program.

AVer 300AFHD High-Definition Document Camera

5 Megapixel - 0.33" (8.38 mm) CMOS - 16x Digital Zoom - NTSC

Quick Info Web ID: 1027043116 Mfr. Part: VIS3AFHDM
Got HDMI? HDMI output, Auto Focus and 30 frames per second display make the smallest details sharp and crisp! The 300AF series: the legacy mechanical arm document camera that established AVer's high quality reputation, and transformed the learning environment for students and teachers nationwide.

AVer F70W Universal FlexArm Document Camera

0.37" (9.40 mm) CMOS - 16x Digital Zoom - NTSC

Quick Info Web ID: 1029732341 Mfr. Part: VSIONF70W
Imagine the Possibilities Spark active minds with the most advance document camera regardless of your teaching style or classroom environment. The F70W document camera not only supports diverse connection methods, but also provides a wireless alternative allowing you to freely engage with students. Jack of All Trades Consider this document camera wireless, HDMI, and USB friendly! Whether you prefer teaching next to a big screen or simply at your desk, the varying features give you more connectivity options to suit your needs. Wi-Fi Ready! With built-in, dual-band Wi-Fi, the F70W document camera is capable of operating on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless bands. The F70W document camera's wireless option also gives you free range to move in the classroom with an 8-hour onboard battery. Engaging Content Showcase vivid details in your presentation and create a captivating lesson with the document camera's 1080p resolution at 30 fps and 16x zoom features. Move It, Twist It, or Bend It! Planning a flipped classroom lesson? Turn learning upside down with the F70W document camera's flexible design and turn everyday lessons into fun learning experiences. Enhance Lessons Advance your 1:1 classroom engagement with our exclusive Sphere2 & ClassSend Software Suite, which allows you to create, upload, and share your material via sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, Google Drive, etc.

AVer F50-8M Portable Flexarm Document Camera

8 Megapixel - 0.31" (7.87 mm) CMOS - 10x Optical Zoom - 20x Digital Zoom

Quick Info Web ID: 1037434903 Mfr. Part: VISIF508M
A New Age of Classroom Collaboration With so many tools in one - a scanner, web-video-digital camera, lined-graph-plain paper, and "best-in-class image clarity," the F50-8M document camera allows you to see clearly with every single action.8MP with 10x optical & 20x digital zoom! Nothing puts on a show like the 8 megapixels of the F50-8M document camera that is primed to show crisp text, bright images, and vivid colors. Zero in on the smallest details and reach students all the way in the back of the class.Smooth and easy Connect the camera via HDMI to an interactive panel or projector to experience the the smoothest video quality in 60fps! One Button Recording Use the F50-8M document camera to snap a quick picture, record student presentations or use as a webcam, where you can then store the image or presentation on the camera itself, to a USB drive or a connected computer. Seamless collaboration Use AVer's exclusive Sphere2 & ClassSend Software Suite to create, upload, and share your lesson plan materials through sites such as YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox. America's Best Doc Cam Warranty program The F50-8M has a 5-year bumper-to-bumper (all-inclusive) doc cam warranty with 5-year free 2-way RMA shipping and 5-year worry-free standard advanced replacement program.

AVer AVerVision M70 Interactive Visualizer

5 Megapixel - 0.31" (7.94 mm) CMOS - 24x Optical Zoom - 8x Digital Zoom - NTSC, PAL

Quick Info Web ID: 1022616834 Mfr. Part: VISIONM70
Share the excitement of discovery in high definition with the AVerVision M70 visualizer. Explore every detail with its powerful 12X optical zoom and then use AVer's onboard annotation tools to interact, explain and guide students. From an A3-sized diagram to a small biological specimen, the visualizer's 5-megapixel sensor is able to relay smooth live images to HD displays with the convenience of HDMI support. What's more, these valuable learning experiences can be captured at 30fps with the one-touch recording feature. Let the vivid, high-definition images of the AVerVision M70 take you on countless educational journeys.

AVer Vision PL50 Document Camera

5 Megapixel - 0.31" (7.94 mm) CMOS - 16x Optical Zoom - 15x Digital Zoom - NTSC

Quick Info Web ID: 1024084628 Mfr. Part: VSIONPL50
Bring an added level of professionalism to any presentation with the AVerVision PL50 visualizer. Use the large embedded light box to display A4-sized x-rays or rows of film slides and negatives clearly to a full lecture hall. Let PL50's vibrant colors and sharp images engross your audience, while allowing no detail to go unexamined thanks to the amazing 16X optical zoom and 240X total zoom capabilities. Accentuate your expertise with the AVerVision PL50 visualizer.

Epson ELPDC05 XGA High resolution Document Imager

0.85cm CCD - 850000Pixel

Quick Info Web ID: 10205899 Mfr. Part: V12H162020
Bringing every detail to life - Unique solution for displaying documents, photos, products and more. With XGA resolution, this camera is the ideal way to display anything with clarity and precision. with Built-in base light delivers optimum image quality for transparencies, negatives, slides, X-rays, and more.

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