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Document Cameras

Document Cameras
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AVer AVerVision F15 VISIONF15

0.4" (10.2 mm) CMOS - 5 Megapixel - NTSC, PAL

  • MFR Part#: VISIONF15

Watch your lessons take flight, as the sharp, vivid imaging achieved through this budget-friendly visualizer's 5-megapixel camera sensor and full HD1080p output spark your students' imagination. Capture high resolution images of precious classroom moments and save them to the internal/external memory or use the expansive A3 shooting area to effortlessly show textbook content and large visual....

  • WebID 1024153590
Epson ELP-DC11 Document Camera V12H377020

0.3" (6.4 mm) CMOS - 5 Megapixel - NTSC, PAL

  • MFR Part#: V12H377020

The perfect tool for a dynamic learning environment, the Epson DC-11 makes it easy to display textbooks, experiments and 3D objects, as well as promote engaging interactive lessons. Display up to two full pages with amazing clarity and detail. The DC-11 features a 5-megapixel sensor, 10x digital zoom, and 30 frames-per-second video (at full resolution) for stunning image quality and....

  • WebID 1018070834
AVer U15 Document Camera VISIONU15

CMOS - 2 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: VISIONU15

Vividly smooth motion in HD, all the essentials - and a great price? The USB powered U15 is the perfect first document camera to replace your overhead projector, scanner - and even your web camera.

  • WebID 1021644830
Epson DC-12 Document Camera V12H594020

1.3" (32.6 mm) CMOS - 2 Megapixel - NTSC, PAL

  • MFR Part#: V12H594020

Amazing HD quality to enhance any lesson.

Easily engage students with the high performance DC-12 document camera. Display books, experiments and more with clarity, thanks to a large imaging sensor and 16x digital zoom. This portable performer makes lessons a snap with HDMI digital connectivity. Record audio, with video, using the built-in microphone. Save lessons to the 1GB....

  • WebID 1025749584
AVer AVerVision F50 Document Camera VISIONF50

0.5" CMOS - 5Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: VISIONF50

The F50 is many tools in one. An overhead projector, a scanner, a web-video-digital camera, lined-graph-plain paper and with "best-in-class image clarity," you can see clearly with every single action.

  • WebID 1019354795
Adesso NuScan 510 A3 Visual Presenter NUSCAN 510

CMOS - 5 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: NUSCAN 510

The Adesso NuScan 510 5-Megapixel Visual Presenter (A3 Size) is the ideal tool for presentations, image capturing and video recording. With this visual presenter and your computer, you can capture real-time images of 3D objects (up to 11.7 x 16.5 x 15" in size), magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present through a monitor or projector. The unique down-facing lens....

  • WebID 1021055066
Epson DC-06 Document Camera V12H321005

0.8" (19.1 mm) CMOS - 2 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: V12H321005

Take learning to a whole new level with the easy, affordable Epson DC-06 document camera. This portable performer makes it easy to display documents or 3D objects as part of any classroom presentation. With a 10.7x14.3 capture area, you can share information from text books, models and more. And, with XGA resolution and an LED light source, you get vivid color reproductions, even in lowlight....

  • WebID 1016847151
AVer Vision PL50 Document Camera VSIONPL50

0.3" (7.9 mm) CMOS - 5 Megapixel - NTSC

  • MFR Part#: VSIONPL50

Bring an added level of professionalism to any presentation with the AVerVision PL50 visualizer. Use the large embedded light box to display A4-sized x-rays or rows of film slides and negatives clearly to a full lecture hall. Let PL50's vibrant colors and sharp images engross your audience, while allowing no detail to go unexamined thanks to the amazing 16X optical zoom and 240X total zoom....
  • WebID 1024084628
Adesso NuScan 500 A4 Visual Presenter NUSCAN500

CMOS - 5 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: NUSCAN500

The Adesso NuScan 500 5-Megapixel Visual Presenter is the ideal tool for presentations, image capturing and video recording. With this visual presenter and your computer, you can capture real-time images of 3D objects (up to 8.3 x 11.7 x 15" in size), magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present through a monitor or projector. The unique down-facing lens makes....

  • WebID 1021055065
Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter 1337-3

0.31" CMOS - 5 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: 1337-3

Versatile Ultra Compact Visual Presenter Designed for Presentations On the Go!

Visual presenter MO-1 is a completely new concept mobile document camera designed for instructions and presentations anywhere in or out of the classroom or office. Smaller than a business envelope, the MO-1 is one of the highest quality imaging mobile presenters on the market.

Ideal for teachers teach in....

  • WebID 1022357397
Epson DC-20 Document Camera V12H500020

0.4" (9.4 mm) CMOS - 2 Megapixel - NTSC, PAL

  • MFR Part#: V12H500020

Zoom ahead of the class with amazing image quality.

The perfect tool for a dynamic learning environment, the Epson DC-20 makes it easy to display books, experiments and 3D objects, making lessons more interactive and enjoyable. Write annotations over live images quickly and easily by connecting a computer mouse directly to the camera - no computer necessary. The DC-20 also features a....

  • WebID 1023864477
AVer 300AFHD High-Definition Document Camera VIS3AFHDM

0.3" (8.4 mm) CMOS - 5 Megapixel - NTSC

  • MFR Part#: VIS3AFHDM

Got HDMI? HDMI output, Auto Focus and 30 frames per second display make the smallest details sharp and crisp! The 300AF series: the legacy mechanical arm document camera that established AVer's high quality reputation, and transformed the learning environment for students and teachers nationwide.
  • WebID 1027043116
Promethean ActiView 324 Document Camera AV324


  • MFR Part#: AV324

Share the Most Vivid Details

Learning becomes a more realistic, captivating experience with the ActiView visual presenter. Grab your students' attention while examining and labeling cells in a biology lesson, manipulating a 3-D mathematical model, zooming in on a painting's brushstrokes or collaboratively revising a student's essay. With ActiView, the entire class can focus on even the....

  • WebID 1026969538
AVer AVerVision W30 Wireless Document Camera VISIONW30

0.5" (12.7 mm) CMOS - 3.2 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: VISIONW30

The ONLY Wireless Document Camera with 30 frames per second! Free yourself from wires, expand your learning environment and put the excitement of learning into the hands of your students. The AVerVision W30 will inspire you to show much more, from science experiments and fragile art projects to a trail of ants outside your window!

  • WebID 1020223141
AVer AVerVision M70 Interactive Visualizer VISIONM70

0.3" (7.9 mm) CMOS - 5 Megapixel - NTSC, PAL

  • MFR Part#: VISIONM70

Share the excitement of discovery in high definition with the AVerVision M70 visualizer. Explore every detail with its powerful 12X optical zoom and then use AVer's onboard annotation tools to interact, explain and guide students. From an A3-sized diagram to a small biological specimen, the visualizer's 5-megapixel sensor is able to relay smooth live images to HD displays with the convenience....

  • WebID 1022616834
Epson ELPDC05 XGA High resolution Document Imager V12H162020

0.85cm CCD - 850000Pixel

  • MFR Part#: V12H162020

Bringing every detail to life - Unique solution for displaying documents, photos, products and more. With XGA resolution, this camera is the ideal way to display anything with clarity and precision. with Built-in base light delivers optimum image quality for transparencies, negatives, slides, X-rays, and more.

  • WebID 10205899
Elmo P100HD Visual Presenter 1340

0.36" CMOS - 3.4 Megapixel

  • MFR Part#: 1340

P100HD: More than a Document Camera

More than just a document camera, the ELMO P100HD Visual Presenter goes further by featuring advanced technology, such as a color touch panel and 1080p full HD as well as concepts to enhance a wide range of communications. The P100HD was designed with the goal of increasing the power to communicate and is the perfect presentation tool for all....
  • WebID 1027558128
AVer TabCam Wireless Streaming Document Camera TABCAMTS1

0.5" (12.7 mm) CMOS

  • MFR Part#: TABCAMTS1

"TabCam has kept my tablet mobile, while fostering student engagement and facilitating blended and flipped curriculum"

  • WebID 1024575193
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