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  Category: Wireless Networking > Wireless Signal Boosters

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WeBoost Connect 4G-X Cellular Phone Signal Booster

698 MHz, 824 MHz, 869 MHz, 1850 MHz, 1930 MHz, 1700 MHz to 746 MHz, 849 MHz, 894 MHz, 1910 MHz, 1990 MHz, 2100 MHz - LTE - 4G, 3G

Quick Info Best Seller Web ID: 1029836975 Mfr. Part: 471104
Say hello to reliable cell signal, more consistent data speeds and effortless communication. Connect 4G-X gives you a stronger, more reliable cellular signal to keep you seamlessly connected at home or in the workplace. You rely on your cellular connection every day to connect with family and friends, to access emails and make important calls. Connect 4G-X can significantly improve your coverage when and where you need it. It will amplify a cellular signal throughout a large area and on all cellular-connected devices, including tablets and laptops. Designed to meet your specific needs, Connect 4G-X features dynamic, self adjusting gain controls that automatically customize the gain level on each frequency band as conditions require.

Yealink DECT Repeater

Quick Info Web ID: 1029984161 Mfr. Part: RT10
The Yealink DECT repeater can be deployed when there is a desire to extend the range of the W52P, The repeater can also be utilised wherever there is a need to increase limited coverage or improve reception in remote areas. Features Up to 6 repeaters per base station Automatic handover of calls between cells 2 simultaneous calls per repeater Automatic registration method Supports W52P Additional coverage between base station and handset: Up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors

zBoost Xtreme REACH Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster

1850 MHz, 824 MHz to 1990 MHz, 894 MHz - GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EVDO, UMTS, HSPA, EDGE - 2G, 3G - Directional Antenna Antenna

Quick Info Web ID: 1027605135 Mfr. Part: ZB560SL
The zBoost Xtreme REACH provides increased in-building voice and data coverage and superior reach into rural environments using a high-gain directional external antenna which is aimed at the nearest network tower. zBoost Xtreme REACH boosts cell phone signals for voice calls and text for all major carriers. zBoost Xtreme REACH captures the good cellular signal you have outdoors and rebroadcasts it indoors, up to 7,500 square feet, so you can enjoy clearer, faster service without interruption.

zBoost SOHO Cell Phone Signal Booster for Small Homes and Offices

824 MHz, 869 MHz, 1850 MHz, 1930 MHz to 849 MHz, 894 MHz, 1910 MHz, 1990 MHz - 3G - Omni-directional Antenna

Quick Info Web ID: 1027018147 Mfr. Part: ZB545
The zBoost SOHO boosts cell phone signals for voice calls and text for all major carriers in North America. zBoost SOHO captures the reliable cellular signal you have outdoors and rebroadcasts it indoors, so you can enjoy clearer, faster and more reliable cellular service. Features multi-user capability and covers up to 2,500 sq ft for enhanced signal coverage.

Wilson Sleek 4G-C Cellular Phone Signal Booster

1710 MHz, 2110 MHz, 824 MHz, 1850 MHz to 1755 MHz, 2155 MHz, 894 MHz, 1990 MHz - LTE - 4G LTE, 3G, 2G

Quick Info Web ID: 1024578596 Mfr. Part: 812726F
Now there's a signal booster for those who need enhanced coverage in their vehicle for devices operating on the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) 1700/2100 MHz band, as well as on 800 MHZ and 1900 MHZ bands. The Sleek 4G-C from Wilson Electronics helps you stay connected by providing a strong, reliable cellular signal in weak-signal areas, reducing dropped connections and speeding data transfer rates. It boosts both voice and data communication - making it perfect for use with phones, data devices and cellular Wi-Fi hotspots.

WeBoost Drive 3G-X Wireless Signal Booster

850 MHz, 1900 MHz - HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS - 3G

Quick Info Web ID: 1029807582 Mfr. Part: 470111
The weBoost Drive 3G-X keeps your devices fully connected wherever you go. This powerful cell signal booster provides a stronger signal and a 60% larger service range than other boosters out there. Hills, trees and distance from the signal source all affect call quality while you're on the road-not to mention streaming services and GPS systems. The weBoost Drive 3G-X is your answer to all those times you've lost connection on the road, especially in rural areas. It offers stronger cellular connections by operating with the maximum output power allowed under current FCC regulations, extending your service range up to 60 percent farther than other boosters on the market. Drive 3G-X substantially improves your cellular signal strength on all cellular-connected devices in your vehicle-including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Wilson Sleek

824 MHz, 1850 MHz to 894 MHz, 1995 MHz - CDMA, EVDO, HSPA - 3G, 2G, HSPA+

Web ID: 1026946609 Mfr. Part: 460106

WeBoost Signal 3G 460109 Cellular Phone Signal Booster

824 MHz, 1850 MHz to 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 894 MHz, 1990 MHz - CDMA - 3G

Quick Info Web ID: 1031869371 Mfr. Part: 460109
An interrupted signal can have a big impact on your business. Signal 3G provides a stronger, more reliable cellular data signal for successful data transfers and cloud migration. (formerly Data Pro 460109)When it comes to running an efficient business, every moment counts. A lost connection is lost time and lost money. Stop waiting for stalled signals. Signal 3G features a dual-band amplifier that is ready to integrate with CDMA modems and is specifically developed for M2M installations-delivering a strong, reliable signal for cellular modems for successful data transfer and cloud migration. Signal 3G improves transmissions speeds while reducing resending of data, ensuring that your company can efficiently transmit, receive and store data across multiple platforms. Best of all, the weBoost Signal 3G is configurable to fit virtually any M2M installation.

Wilson Sleek Cellular Phone Signal Booster

698 MHz, 746 MHz, 824 MHz, 1850 MHz, 1710 MHz to 746 MHz, 787 MHz, 894 MHz, 1995 MHz, 2155 MHz - LTE - 4G LTE, 3G, 2G

Quick Info Web ID: 1024649101 Mfr. Part: 813426
Now there's a signal booster for those who need enhanced coverage in their vehicle for devices operating on the 4G networks of any major North American cell service provider - the Sleek 4G from Wilson Electronics. The Sleek 4G boosts signals on 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, AWS 1700/2100 MHz and, at the user's option, either the AT&T or Verizon Wireless 4G 700 MHz network. By also boosting all major carriers' legacy 2G & 3G voice and data services the Sleek 4G provides the user a strong, reliable signal even where 4G services are unavailable.

Wilson In-Line Signal Booster

824 MHz, 1850 MHz to 894 MHz, 1990 MHz - GSM, CDMA, TDMA

Quick Info Web ID: 1023368017 Mfr. Part: 806215
The In-Line Signal Booster is designed to be be used by professional installers in larger buildings to provide an additional 17dB gain to compensate for signal loss due to a long cable run or use of taps or splitters to accommodate multiple antennas. The Inline Booster is installed between a Wilson indoor signal booster unit, like the AG Pro Installer, and that booster's inside antenna. Optimally the In-line Booster is installed after long runs of cable and/or taps and splitters to compensate for signal loss. The Inline Booster can be installed in the middle of a cable run or near the inside antenna, as needed.

Wilson 801245 Cellular Phone Signal Booster

824 MHz to 894 MHz - TDMA, GSM, CDMA - 3G

Quick Info Web ID: 1018200403 Mfr. Part: 801245
Your new Wilson SOHO Wireless Dual-Band Amplifier has been carefully engineered to enhance the performance of your cell phone or cellular data card in small office/home office applications. Its advanced technology is designed to significantly improve voice and data signal quality and reduce disconnects and drop-outs. The amplifier works with two antennas (sold separately): one communicates with the cell site (the outside antenna) and the other communicates with your cell phone or laptop data card (the inside antenna).

Wilson 801201 Cellular Phone Signal Booster

800 MHz to 1900 MHz - CDMA, TDMA, GSM

Web ID: 1017469366 Mfr. Part: 801201

Wilson SignalBoost DB Pro Wireless Dual-Band Amplifier

824 MHz to 1990 MHz - Panel, Omni-directional Antenna

Quick Info Web ID: 1015674648 Mfr. Part: 801262
The SignalBoost DB pro cellular amplifier kit significantly improves the performance of any cellular device on any network (except Nextel) experiencing weak signal inside of buildings. At the center of this kit is the DB Pro dual band (800/1900) amplifier with a new high gain design. An external omni directional gain antenna with multiple mounting options eliminates researching cell site locations and antenna pointing.

Wilson iDEN 800 MHz

806 MHz, 851 MHz to 821 MHz, 866 MHz

Quick Info Web ID: 1023176777 Mfr. Part: 804080
iDEN 800 MHz Adjustable Gain In-Building Wireless Smart Technology II™ Signal Booster Wilson Electronics Signal Boosters are bi-directional devices that deliver service levels consistent with what would be expected in areas of high cell network coverage. They amplify a weak or shadowed signal in mobile, M2M, marine and in-building applications. When using a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster in conjunction with Wilson Electronics antennas, the Outside Antenna will collect the cell tower signal and send it through the cable to the Signal Booster. The signal is then amplified and re-transmitted through the Inside Antenna into the room. Cell phones and cellular data cards in that area then communicate with the improved signal. When a cell phone or cellular device transmits, the signal is received by the Inside Antenna, amplified by the Signal Booster and transmitted back to the cell tower through the Outside Antenna.

WeBoost RV 4G

700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1700 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz - 4G

Quick Info Web ID: 1032585513 Mfr. Part: 470201
Sharing vacation pics or checking email, RV 4G cellular signal booster gives you a stronger signal in your RV so you can stay connected no matter where adventure takes you. Features Optional indoor accessory kit available Boosts signal for all U.S. & Canada cell carriers Friendly, U.S.-based customer support All components needed for installation in one package FCC & Industry Canada Certified Benefits Extends cellular signal range Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds Faster data downloads Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas

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