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  Category: Surveillance > Motion Sensors

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Bosch DS150i Motion Sensor

1 Minute Time Delay - Light Gray

Quick Info Web ID: 1018874945 Mfr. Part: DS150I
The DS150i Series consists of the DS150i Detector (light gray) and the DS151i Detector (black). They are specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications. The DS150i and DS151i detect motion in their coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device.

GE 5150-W Motion Sensor

10 ft (3048 mm) Operating Range - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1018831160 Mfr. Part: 5150-W
The 5150 series are the most low-profile glassbreak sensors in the industry. Adhering directly to the glass, the sensor acts as a visual deterrent for areas up to 10 feet (3 m).

Ubiquiti Wall Mount Motion Sensor

Wireless RF - 90.48" (2298.19 mm) Operating Range

Quick Info Web ID: 1027151108 Mfr. Part: MFI-MSW
Ubiquiti offers a variety of sensors to connect to the mPort and your mFi network. These sensors connect to the mPort using a standard RJ45 cable, except for the mFi-DS, which connects using a terminal block connector.

GE RCR-50 Motion Sensor

IrDA - 108" (2743.20 mm) Operating Range - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1018875516 Mfr. Part: RCR-50
Using the dual technology combination of precision controlled Doppler effect radar and passive infrared (PIR), the RCR series motion sensors are easy to install and use. A jumper switch allows you to quickly select a precise range setting from 9 to 50 feet (2.7 to 15.2 meters). Coverage-on-Demand ensures that the sensor detects objects from a specific area and ignores objects outside the covered range. RCR sensors are the right solution for challenging residential, pet,or commercial applications. Because the sensors determine the attributes of an object by calculating its size and distance away,available options such as the RCR-PET can ignore pets up to 80 pounds without any loss of detection.

Bosch DS9370 Motion Sensor

25 ft (7620 mm) Operating Range - 360° Viewing Angle

Quick Info Web ID: 1018874967 Mfr. Part: DS9370
Each DS9370 Series TriTech PIR/Microwave Detector model is panoramic and uses several patented processing techniques to provide excellent catch performance with freedom from false alarms. Each model can be mounted on ceilings as high as 7.6 m (25 ft). With three separate PIR sections that are fully adjustable, the DS9370 Series provides coverage integrity at all mounting heights, plus the ability to customize the coverage for specific areas.

Bosch DS915 Motion Sensor

Quick Info Web ID: 1018874962 Mfr. Part: DS915
The DS915 PIR Detector is designed to mount in a standard single gang electrical box or directly to a wall using the supplied flush mount ring. It uses alternate polarity pulse count processing, is internally pointable and uses groovesin Fresnel lenses to provide six different coverage patterns.

Interlogix 6540U Motion Sensor

Wireless IrDA - 40 ft Operating Range

Quick Info Web ID: 1021062461 Mfr. Part: 6540U
The wall mount volumetric passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors provide high value in both design and performance. These sensors are well-suited for residential and light commercial environments with a stylish housing to complement any decor and modest budgets. This series of sensors feature the latest in digital signal processing with superior catch performance that reduces electronic sensitivity - resulting in a greater level of false alarm immunity.

Bosch OD850F1 Motion Sensor


Web ID: 1018875423 Mfr. Part: OD850-F1

Aritech 16m Volumetric PIR Motion Sensor

IrDA - 52.49 ft Operating Range - 86° Viewing Angle

Quick Info Web ID: 1024631942 Mfr. Part: EV1116
Aritech Mirror Optic PIR Motion Sensors offer a unique combination of high sensitivity detection and low false alarm rates, without the need for manual sensitivity adjustment.

GE NX-481 Motion Sensor


Quick Info Web ID: 1018875389 Mfr. Part: NX-481
SAW passive infrared motion sensor, with 40 lb. pet immunity Indoor SAW PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor provides passive infrared detection inside an enclosed structure. Provides false alarm immunity for pets having a combined weight of up to 40 pounds.

GE RCR-REX-W Motion Sensor

15 ft (4572 mm) Operating Range - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1018875523 Mfr. Part: RCR-REX-W
The RCR-REX is a dual technology, request-to-exit sensor used for secure door egress and door access control. The sensor is immune to common attempts to defeat PIRs because both heat and physical motion are simultaneously required to triger the device. For maximum protection, adjust the radar so that the curtain is above the floor; objects slipped under the door will not activate the sensor, making it difficult to defeat. The sensor features two Form C output relay contacts, independent adjustment for the infrared PIR and the Range Controlled Radar, user-programmable lock relay activayion times with easy-to-change DIP switch settings, an LED indicator, and a tamper switch.

Bosch DS151i Motion Sensor

10 ft Operating Range - Black

Quick Info Web ID: 1018874946 Mfr. Part: DS151I
The Detector Series consists of the DS150i and DS151i Detectors specifically designed for Request-to-Exit (REX) applications. The DS150i and DS151i detect motion in their coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device.

Bosch DS937 Motion Sensor

12 ft (3657.60 mm) Operating Range - 360° Viewing Angle

Quick Info Web ID: 1018884750 Mfr. Part: DS937
The ceiling mount DS937 PIR Detector provides panoramic coverage (360° x 14 m [50 ft]). Its low profile design provides a recessed-mount look, even when surface mounted. The wiring and programming options can be accessed without having to remove the detector from the ceiling. With a 14 m (50 ft) diameter coverage pattern, it is an ideal ceiling mounting choice for applications that require spot or 360° detection.

Bosch Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detector

40 ft Operating Range - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1021119359 Mfr. Part: ISC-BPR2-W12
The Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors (ISC-BPR2) use two Fresnel lenses designed to produce sharply-focused images throughout the field of view providing superior response to intruders. These lenses provide a high density (77 zone) 7-layer pattern, and the selectable lookdown lens provides an additional three lookdown zones. Easy installation and flexible mounting options provide state-othe-art detection.

Bosch DS936 Motion Sensor

12 ft Operating Range - 360° Viewing Angle

Quick Info Web ID: 1018874965 Mfr. Part: DS936
The ceiling mount, low profile panoramic DS936 PIR Detector uses alternate polarity pulse count. It also uses a pointable Fresnel lens to provide up to 7.5 m (24 ft) of coverage and can be mounted on the surface, or semiflush directly to a ceiling or a standard octagonal electrical box.

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