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  Category: Office Supplies > Adhesive Tapes

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3M Scotch Tartan Filament Tape

0.71" (18 mm) Width x 60.1 yd (55 m) Length - 3" Core - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011918028 Mfr. Part: 8934-18M55
Glass filament reinforced tape is designed for light-duty strapping, bundling and reinforcing. Tensile strength is 100 lb. per inch. Filament tape includes a 3" core.

Scotch Mounting Tab

1" (25.4 mm) Width x 1" (25.4 mm) Length - Removable, Reusable, Photo-safe, Double-sided, Residue-free - 18 / Pack - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1021489821 Mfr. Part: R100-C
Clear reusable tabs are designed for mounting lightweight items on almost any surface. Removable adhesive saves you money and makes them eco-friendly by letting you reuse them again and again. Just peel the liner on both sides. Use these pre-cut squares of clear adhesive to mount photos, posters, artwork or papers on walls, office cabinets, refrigerators, windows, mirrors and more. They are photo-safe, UV-resistant, moisture-resistant and remove cleanly leaving no holes or residue behind. Each square inch of product holds up to 2 lb. with an 8 lb. maximum.

Shurtech Clear 654 yds Packaging Tape

1.89" (48 mm) Width x 109.4 yd (100 m) Length - 6 / Pack - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1029476638 Mfr. Part: 240968
This 1.6 mil thick packaging tape seals light-to-medium weight boxes for general purposes, using hot melt adhesive. Tape meets postal regulations.

Duck Packaging Tape

1.88" (47.8 mm) Width x 54.6 yd (49.9 m) Length - Acrylic - Heavy Duty, Long Lasting, Durable, Non-yellowing - 6 / Pack - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528071 Mfr. Part: 441962
Heavy-duty packaging tape features a long-lasting adhesive to keep your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage. Durable material is tear-resistant and break-resistant for long-lasting performance. Crystal-clear material ensures your labels stay completely visible. Wide temperature range works in conditions ranging from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Packaging tape meets all postal regulations.

3M Scotch General Purpose Mounting Tape

0.50" (12.7 mm) Width x 6.3 ft (1.9 m) Length - Foam - Double-sided - 1 Each - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1011916938 Mfr. Part: 110C
Scotch Mounting Tape is faster, safer, and more versatile than screws and nails. Double-sided, heavy-duty foam tape is designed for mounting light to medium-weight objects to virtually any smooth wall or surface. Not recommended for brick, concrete, or exterior use. General-purpose foam tape holds up to 2 lb.

Chartpak Matte Graphic Tape

0.13" (3.2 mm) Width x 27 ft (8.2 m) Length - Self-adhesive - 1 / Roll - Black

Quick Info Web ID: 1010037479 Mfr. Part: BG1251M
Matte graphic tape gives a professional touch to all artwork, including charts, graphs, signs and diagrams. Easy-to-handle decorative tape has a high visual impact. Tape is self-adhesive and creep-resistant.

Conros Seal-It General Use Packaging Tape

2" (50.8 mm) Width x 54.7 yd (50 m) Length - Tear Resistant - 6 / Pack - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1012675305 Mfr. Part: 56352
2" clear general use packaging tape is ideal for light duty and medium duty sealing and mailing applications. It is economical, reliable, resists tearing and provides label protection. Use tape for noncritical sealing purposes. Tape meets postal regulations.

3M Scotch Double-Coated Foam Tape

0.47" (12 mm) Width x 36.1 yd (33 m) Length - 3" Core - Foam - Double-sided, Temperature Resistant - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011917419 Mfr. Part: 4026-12M33
Scotch Double-Coated Foam Tape is the perfect solution for mounting lightweight to medium-weight objects to walls and other surfaces. High-density, open-cell polyurethane foam is 1/16" thick and has long-lasting adhesive on both sides. High-shear acrylic adhesive has high-temperature resistance and conforms to many textured walls. General-purpose, double-sided heavy-duty foam tape comes in thick open-cell urethane foam carrier. Tape holds up to 2 lb.

Henkel General Purpose Masking Tape

0.75" (19.1 mm) Width x 60 yd (54.9 m) Length - 3" Core - Rubber - Crepe Paper Backing - Temperature Resistant - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011919455 Mfr. Part: MK-401P
General purpose crepe paper masking tape is designed for a variety of industrial and household uses. Rubber-based adhesive provides quick tack to a variety of surfaces. Masking tape has good resistance to oil, water and low temperatures. Includes a 3" core.

3M Highland Permanent Invisible Tape with Dispenser

0.50" (12.7 mm) Width x 36 yd (32.9 m) Length - Stain Resistant, Non-yellowing, Writable Surface, Permanent - Dispenser Included - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011917725 Mfr. Part: 6200P-1233
Permanent invisible mending tap with matte finish provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Nonyellowing tape won't stain or damage documents. Provides a stable, write-on surface. Ideal for mending tracings, drawings, library books, legal documents, securities and blueprints. Will not affect blueprint reproductions. Tape comes in a clear hand-held dispenser.

Scotch 811P-18M33 Magic Transparent Tape

0.75" (19 mm) Width x 36 yd (32.9 m) Length - 1" Core - Moisture Resistant, Writable Surface, Removable, Repositionable, Self-adhesive - Dispenser Included - 1 Each - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1011917973 Mfr. Part: 811P-18M33
Removable magic transparent tape features the same self-stick adhesive as Post-it notes. Holds securely yet can easily be removed or repositioned. Great for cut and paste and temporary holding applications. Disappears on paper. Pulls off its roll smoothly. Tape can be written on with pen or pencil and resists moisture. Comes in clear, refillable hand dispenser.

Duck Basic-strength Utility Tape

1.88" (47.8 mm) Width x 55 yd (50.3 m) Length - 3" Core - Cotton Backing - Reinforced, Tearable - Gray

Quick Info Web ID: 1022329137 Mfr. Part: 1118393
Basic-strength utility tape is great for general repair needs. Good adhesion works for basic jobs. Tape conforms to uneven surfaces and is recommended for temporary applications.

Chartpak Glossy Graphic Tape

0.25" (6.4 mm) Width x 27 ft (8.2 m) Length - Permanent Adhesive Backing - 1 / Roll - Black

Quick Info Web ID: 1010037480 Mfr. Part: BG2501
Glossy graphic tape gives a professional touch to all artwork, including charts, graphs, signs and diagrams. Easy-to-handle decorative tape has a high visual impact. Use to create even, solid lines for charts, projects and decorations for both indoors and outdoors. Permanent tape is self-adhesive and creep-resistant.

Tartan General Purpose Sealing Tape

1.89" (48 mm) Width x 54.7 yd (50 m) Length - 6 / Pack - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1011917380 Mfr. Part: 3690C-6PK
Box-sealing tape securely closes a wide variety of box and carton materials, saving time and reducing closure failure. The moisture-resistant polypropylene backing resists abrasion, chemicals and scuffing to hold strong throughout the shipping process. This tape is suitable for use on lightweight envelopes and mailers. Construction includes hot-melt adhesive.

3M Scotch Colored Duct Tape

1.88" (47.6 mm) Width x 20 yd (18.3 m) Length - 3" Core - Red

Quick Info Web ID: 1011917148 Mfr. Part: 220RED-A
Multipurpose duct tape in vibrant colors is perfect for organization and color coding, color-matching or when you want to make something visibly brighter. Ideal for repairs, crafts and decorating. Has a 3" core.

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