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  Category: Office Equipment > Shredders

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Fellowes 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

Cross Cut - 17 Per Pass34.07 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Best Seller Web ID: 1011719471 Mfr. Part: 3229902
Professional, cross-cut shredder provides powerful professional shredding with jam protection. The 100 percent Jam Proof System eliminates frustrating jams by preventing overloads and powering through tough jobs. SilentShred feature delivers ultra-quiet performance for shared work spaces. SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. Energy Savings System provides optimal energy efficiency 100 percent of the time during use and out of use. Shredder shreds 18 sheets per pass into 5/32" x 1-1/2" confetti particles (Security Level P4) at 12' per minute. You can also shred staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs/DVDs. Maximum runtime is 30 minutes with a 40-minute cooldown. Sleek, modern design includes an easy-to-empty, 9-gallon pullout bin; 65-decibel sound level; 9" wide paper entry; and casters for easy mobility. 99Ci Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is made of plastic and metal.

Swingline Stack-and-Shred Paper Shredder

Cross Cut - 175 Per Pass

Quick Info Web ID: 1024137746 Mfr. Part: 57573
How you shred is about to change. Stack-and-Shred Cross-Cut Shredder lets you load and shred up to 175 sheets automatically without removing staples and paper clips. Just stack the papers, shut the lid and you're done. Manual bypass handles seven sheets of glossy or folded paper. Auto jam clearance automatically reverses and re-feeds stuck papers to clear any jam. LED light indicates rare jams that require user action. Shredder produces 4mm x 40mm (11/64" x 1-37/64") cut size to meet level 3 security needs. Ultra quiet (60db) shredder offers a clear window so you can see when the nine gallon waste bin needs emptying. Self clean feature extends cutter life. Concealed cutters and auto power shut-off provide added safety.

Swingline DS22-13 Shredder

Strip Cut - 22 Per Pass49.21 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490497 Mfr. Part: 09414
Continuous-duty, DS22-13 strip-cut shredder can meet the basic security needs of a single department. It shreds as many as 22 sheets at once, including staples and paper clips. This strip-cut shredder is best for those concerned with basic, Level P-2, document security. It shreds quickly and quietly and includes Nonstop Jam Free technology. The LED lights switch from green to red when the shredder has reached capacity so you can actively prevent jams before they happen. The shredder also includes Intelligent Power Save to automatically shut down after a period of inactivity to conserve energy.

Swingline Personal Paper Shredder

Strip Cut - 7 Per Pass11.36 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490507 Mfr. Part: 09300
Stylish security level two personal shredder shreds up to seven sheets of 20 lb. paper into 1/4" strips at nine feet per minute. Also shreds staples, paper clips and credit cards. Includes a three gallon capacity waste bin. Provides a 6 on/30 off duty cycle. Shredder measures 14" wide x 6" deep x 12" high.

Swingline ShredMaster GEX126 Light Duty Shredder

Cross Cut - 12 Per Pass5 gal Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1022339792 Mfr. Part: 50005
Light-duty, cross-cut shredder shreds 12 sheets of 20 lb. paper at 10' per minute with 1/4" x 1-1/2" pieces (Security Level 3). Shredder also shreds staples, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Styled to fit under the desk, the modern, space-saving design will make it easier for you to protect the security of your documents. Shredder offers an intermittent duty cycle and a 5 gallon pullout bin.

Fellowes Powershred 73Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

Cross Cut - 12 Per Pass22.71 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1024059354 Mfr. Part: 4601002
100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobsPatented SafeSense® Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper openingEnergy Savings System provides optimal energy efficiency 100% of the time - in use and out of useInnovative touch screen technology with back-lit LEDsShreds 12 sheets per pass into 5/32" x 1-1/2" cross-cut particles (Security Level 3)Shreds for up to 10 minutes before a 20 minute cool down period is needed6 gallon pull-out bin21.25"H x 15.5"W x 11.31"D1 year product warranty and 5 year cutter warrantyFor 1 user

Swingline SX16-08 Paper Shredder

Cross Cut - 16 Per Pass30.28 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490510 Mfr. Part: 09405
Cross-cut shredder offers fast and easy shredding for up to five people with no manual cleaning needed and no shredder jams to battle. Nonstop Jam Free technology features red and green LED lights that indicate when shredder reaches feed capacity to prevent jams before they occur. Finger-safe shredder cuts 16 sheets of 20 lb. paper per pass at 7' per minute into cross-cut pieces to meet moderate security needs (Level 3). You can also shred CDs, DVDs, credit cards, paper clips and staples. SX16-08 Shredder also offers a 60 decibel level, duty cycle of 20 on/10 off, and an 8-gallon pullout waste bin. Self Clean feature extends cutter life. Auto shutdown conserves energy.

Compucessory High Security Shredder

Micro Cut - 6 Per Pass16.09 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1012019013 Mfr. Part: 60075
High-security shredder shreds up to 6 sheets of 20 lb. paper into 1/13" x 13/33" (2mm x 10mm) micro-cut pieces (Security Level 4). Shredder can shred 6-1/2' of paper per minute as well as credit cards and staples. Micro-cut shredder offers a reverse function when overfed and an auto-on function. Duty cycle offers a maximum runtime of 8 minutes with a 30-minute cooldown time. Shredder is also equipped with overheat protection, 62-decibel sound level and an 8-5/8" paper entry. 4.25 gallon wastebasket has a pullout design.

Fellowes Powershred 60CS Shredder

Cross Cut - 10 Per Pass22.71 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1026748158 Mfr. Part: 4606004
Space-saving, deskside crosscut shredder features patented Safesense technology with smart sensor protection that stops shredding when hands get too close to the paper entry. Shred up to 10 sheets per pass into unreadable 5/32" x 2" particles (security level three). Shredder runs up to 6 minutes before a 20-minute cooldown period is needed. Shredder includes a 6-gallon bin.

Swingline LX20-30 Paper Shredder

Cross Cut - 20 Per Pass113.56 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490502 Mfr. Part: 09411
LX20-30 cross-cut shredder is made for heavy usage. 10 or more people can shred up to 20 sheets at a time continuously into a 30-gallon pullout frame that can be lined with paper or plastic shredder bags (sold separately) to make disposing of shreds easier. This model also shreds paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs and DVDs. The included self-maintenance features such as Nonstop Jam Free technology, Intelligent SelfOil and Intelligent Self-cleaning cutters make this shredder easy to use and keep up with. While shredding, a green light indicates if you are within the shredder's capacity. A red light indicates you are feeding too many papers at once and the shredder may jam. The cutters auto lubricate and clear any small, stuck shreds after each use. Super cross-cut shred style provides the reliable, Level P-4, document security that any large office with confidential shredding needs demands.

Fellowes Powershred DS-12Cs Deskside Shredder

Cross Cut - 12 Per Pass18.93 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1016810734 Mfr. Part: 3208003
Powershred DS-12Cs Cross-Cut Shredder features patented SafeSense Technology that stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. Active shredder safety technology is designed for the small office. Personal shredder shreds 12 sheets per pass into 5/32" x 2" cross-cut particles (Security Level P-3) into a 4 gallon pullout bin. It can also shred staples, credit cards and paper clips. Maximum runtime is 4 to 5 minutes and 20 minutes off for cooldown. Shredder is made of plastic and metal.

Compucessory Continuous Duty Cross-cut Shredder

Cross Cut - 14 Per Pass22.71 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1025487460 Mfr. Part: 70004
Cross-cut shredder offers a continuous-duty motor for medium-duty, overload protection and high security in your small office. High-performance cutters shred 14 sheets per pass into confetti (P-4 Security Level) well as CDs/DVDs, credit cards, staples and paper clips. Paper entry is 8-7/10" wide. Ultra-low noise operation only generates 58 decibels during operation. Shredder also features an advanced touch control system, automatic anti-jam, auto-reverse technology and manual, energy-saving standby function. Waste bin capacity is 6 gallons.

Swingline LM12-30 Paper Shredder

Micro Cut - 12 Per Pass113.56 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490500 Mfr. Part: 09412
Micro-cut shred style provides higher, Level P-5, security for safer destruction of confidential papers. The LM12-30 also features Nonstop Jam Free technology and super-quiet operation. The jam-free feature has LED lights that glow red or green to let you visually see if you are over feeding the shredder and at risk of causing a jam. This micro-cut shredder is able to run continuously and shreds everything from DVDs and credit cards to 12 sheets of paper with paper clips and staples into a 30 gallon, pullout bag frame. The frame can be lined with shredder bags (sold separately) to keep your office space neat and clean.

Swingline Stack-and-Shred 300X Automatic Office Shredder

Cross Cut - 250 Per Pass41.64 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490509 Mfr. Part: 57576
Medium-duty Stack-and-Shred shredder works automatically so you spend less time shredding vs. a traditional shredder - just stack, shut and you're done. Shredder also features a 4-digit, programmable, PIN code lock for walkaway shredding. Simply stack up to 300 sheets for automatic shredding, lock the lid and walk away. Manual bypass features jam-free shredding up to 8 sheets on the spot. Security Level P-4, super cross-cut shredding cuts paper into confetti (3/16" x 1-1/2" pieces) at 10' per minute, turning a letter-size page into 377 pieces. Durable cutters also slice through paper clips and staples. Separate cutter inside cuts through CDs and credit cards. Super cross-cut shredder also features whisper-quiet operation, automatic Auto Plus Jam Clearance and Interactive Jam Clearance, self-cleaning cutters, energy-saving power-save mode with automatic wakeup, casters, 9" throat, 60 decibel range, manual reverse for jam clearance and 11-gallon pullout wastebasket with a viewing window.

Swingline Stack-and-Shred 500X Shredder with Lock

Cross Cut - 500 Per Pass79.49 L Wastebin Capacity

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490495 Mfr. Part: 57577
Insert a stack of 500 letter and legal sheets and shut the lid. The 500X shreds it all automatically. 500X shredder is super cross-cut (Level P-4) for everyday security. The paper chamber locks and requires four-digit PIN code to open. When shredding is done, it unlocks automatically and shuts down if inactive for 2 minutes. Intelligent Auto Plus Jam Clearance automatically reverses and refeeds stuck sheets during auto shred; Intelligent Interactive Jam Clearance uses LED lights as a guide to work through clearing a more complicated jam. Manual feed slot can continuously shred 10 sheets at a time. Place credit cards between the autofeed rollers and shut the lid to shred. DVDs/CDs can be shredded through a separate slot in the autofeed tray. Intelligent SelfOil automatically lubricates cutters. Intelligent Self-cleaning Cutters automatically keep cutters clear to prevent buildup that leads to jams. The 21-gallon bag frame waste bin should be lined with shredder bags (sold separately).

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