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  Category: Controllers > System Selectors

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C2G 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch

Blu-ray Disc Player, DVD Player, Gaming Console, HD DVD Player, Satellite Receiver, TV Compatible - 4 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video In, 1 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video Out

Quick Info Web ID: 1023822570 Mfr. Part: 41500
Most high-definition audio/video components utilize the HDMI interface to provide crystal clear, digital sound and picture. With the wealth of devices now using HDMI, it's easy to run out of free HDMI inputs on your TV set or receiver. This HDMI selector switch solves the problem by providing additional high-definition digital inputs for sources including DVD player, Blu-ray™, Disc and HD-DVD players, gaming systems, and high-definition cable/satellite boxes.This HDMI selector offers three rear inputs plus a convenient front input for temporary connection of gaming systems or HD camcorders and cameras. Fully compatible with HDCP-enabled sources. Blue front panel LEDs display the HDMI source currently selected.

StarTech.com 2 Port Auto High Speed HDMI Switch

Blu-ray Disc Player

Quick Info Web ID: 1017942144 Mfr. Part: VS122HDMIU
The VS122HDMIU HDMI 1.3 Auto Switcher lets you share a display between 2 consumer electronic devices or computers and prioritize your HDMI signals. The HDMI switch features a primary and secondary HDMI input port, and automatically defaults to the signal from the primary input port. If the signal connected to the primary input port is lost, the device automatically switches to display the signal from the secondary HDMI input port. Designed for maximum control and versatility, the HDMI 1.3 Auto switch box also offers manual control of connected signals with easy-to-use front panel buttons that allow you to toggle between video sources. Backed by a StarTech.com 1-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

C2G Digital Audio Explorer Toslink Selector Switch

DVD Player, Home Theater, Gaming Console, CD Player/Recorder, MiniDisc Player, Sound Card, Receiver Compatible - 3 x Toslink S/PDIF In

Quick Info Web ID: 11860365 Mfr. Part: 28734
Unleash the full potential of your audio/video system with the new Digital Audio Explorer from Impact Acoustics. Connect up to three optical sources to the digital/optical input of your home theater system. The Toslink Selector features high-integrity toslink jacks for optimal transfer of light signals. This selector will also help with preventing the wear and tear on your toslink cables and I/O jacks that comes from manually connecting and reconnecting cables. And, the unit's space-saving design allows you to place it almost anywhere.

StarTech.com 4 Port Component Video Switch with Digital Audio and Remote

Home Theater

Quick Info Web ID: 1010268118 Mfr. Part: CPNT410IR
StarTech.com's 4-Port Component Video Switch lets you switch between up to four A/V devices as well as the corresponding audio signals, eliminating the need to swap out cables to make use of multiple audio/video devices._x000D_ A versatile solution for home theatre applications requiring digital or analog audio connections with the use of standard and HD component devices, the 4-port Component Video switch supports display resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080i, providing the signal quality necessary to bring out the best results from your input devices._x000D_ A convenient, time-saving A/V solution, the Component Video switch can be installed in minutes and offers a remote learning feature that allows you to use existing device remotes to toggle between inputs, in addition to the IR remote control that is included with the Component switcher._x000D_ This attractive, compact unit can be installed in minutes, and is backed by a 1-year warranty as well as free lifetime technical support

C2G High Isolation ABC Video Switcher

Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, Gaming Console Compatible - 3 x RF Video In, 1 x RF Video Out

Quick Info Web ID: 1013177576 Mfr. Part: 41016
Use this to switch between cable TV, satellite, video games and other home video products with F-type coax connections. Isolation is in excess of 60 dB to eliminate interference from external devices and crosstalk between connected devices. Very easy to install with included hardware.

StarTech.com 4-to-1 HDMI Video Switch with Remote Control

DVD Player

Quick Info Web ID: 1011816879 Mfr. Part: VS410HDMIE
This 4 port HDMI Switch lets you connect up to four HDMI output devices to a single HDMI input - eliminating the need to manually exchange cables to switch between high definition audio video sources. The HDMI switch fully supports HDMI 1.3 device connections, as well as Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD high definition audio formats and display resolutions up to 1080p(hdtv) / 1920x1200(computer), ensuring a high quality audio and video experience. Suitable for long distance connections, the switch offers a signal enhancement feature that can be used with longer cable connections, boosting the HDMI signal for optimized quality. The switch provides an economical solution for connecting multiple HDMI out devices (Blu-Ray players, DVD Players, etc.) to a single port on a high definition LCD/Plasma TV.

C2G High Isolation AB System Selector

CATV Receiver, Satellite Receiver, Video Game Console Compatible

Quick Info Web ID: 11383089 Mfr. Part: 41015
It is designed to switch between Cable TV, Satellite, Video Games and other home video products with coax cable, ?RF? connections. Isolation is in excess of 90dB eliminating interference from external devices and crosstalk between connected devices. Very easy to install with included hardware.

Linksys Secure USB Peripheral Switch F1DN104S

Computer, Camera, Headset, Flash Drive, Card Reader Compatible - 4 x Type B USB, 1 x Type A USB, 1 x Type A Mini USB, 1 x RJ-14 Phone

Quick Info Web ID: 1029273975 Mfr. Part: F1DN104S
The Belkin Advanced Secure USB Switch provides users with the ability to assign a specific or type of USB device only to some of the computers connected to it, allowing a more exact and secure USB device policy. The Belkin Advanced Secure USB Switch has the ability to filter USB devices based on a detailed scheme. Up to 32 rules can be created to allow or block USB devices based on certain parameters. The Belkin Advanced Secure USB Switch is equipped with a designated DCU port supporting the Belkin Advanced Secure Desktop Controller Unit (DCU). With an easy and intuitive user interface, the Belkin Advanced Secure DCU enables browsing through available networks and a clear indication of the selected channels through numbers, as well as programmable text and colors. In order to assure the highest level of protection, the Belkin Advanced Secure USB Switch is equipped with an end-to-end tamper-proof system that prevents physical tampering, as well as color chips and name labels to reduce user-switching errors by providing clear identification.

Bosch LTC 8501/60 Matrix Switcher

Quick Info Web ID: 1018893032 Mfr. Part: LTC 8501/60
The LTC 8500 Series Allegiant Video Switcher/Control Systems combine both switching and computer technology to provide powerful performance and unique system features for the security user. Offering full matrix switching capability, these systems can be programmed to display the video from any camera on any monitor, either manually or via independent automatic switching sequences.

C2G 28731 3 Play Audio/Video Selector

Video Game Console, DVD Player, A/V Receiver, DVR, Home Theater Compatible - 3 x S-Video In, 3 x Toslink S/PDIF In, 6 x RCA Stereo Audio Line In, 3 x RCA Composite Video In, S-Video Out, Toslink S/PDIF Out, RCA Stereo Audio Line Out, RCA Composite Video

Quick Info Web ID: 10673075 Mfr. Part: 28731
The 3-Play S-Video Selector from Impact Acoustics allows you to connect any combination. This is the perfect solution for the A/V enthusiast who wants to take full control of their ever-expanding system. Use the wireless remote control or the front panel switches to easily select sources.

C2G 40324 3 Play A/V Selector

HDTV, Video Game Console, DVD Player, Home Theater, Tuner Compatible - 3 x Component Video In, 3 x Toslink Digital Audio, 3 x Stereo Audio

Quick Info Web ID: 10747901 Mfr. Part: 40324
This device give you experience of loss-less control from as many as 3 HDTV or progressive scan source components, 3-Play gives you the power of choice and the convenience of control. This component is ideal for connecting DBS Satellite, DVD and ATSC Tuners to home theater receivers and pre-amp/processors.

C2G 41067 Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier

DVD Player, A/V Receiver, Monitor, TV, Tuner Compatible - RCA Composite Video In, RCA Stereo Audio Line In, 7 x RCA Composite Video Out, 7 x RCA Stereo Audio Line Out

Quick Info Web ID: 10951745 Mfr. Part: 41067
Distribute analog video signals from a single A/V source to multiple televisions and receivers with this powerful distribution amplifier. The Unity gain technology ensures that the output signal is as clean as the input signal. High-quality and stable amplification to eliminate the poor picture and sound quality you get by simply using Y-cables. Perfect for nightclubs, banks, airports, boardrooms, and schools. The uses are endless.

C2G 6x2 A/V Selector

DVD Player, Satellite Receiver, STB, Gaming Console Compatible - 6 x Component Video In, 2 x Component Video Out, 6 x Stereo Audio Line In, 6 x Toslink Digital/Optical Audio Line In, 2 x Stereo Audio Line Out, 2 x Toslink Digital/Optical Audio Line Ou

Quick Info Web ID: 1010894356 Mfr. Part: 40697
The 6x2 Component Video Matrix Selector is the ultimate controller for high definition and progressive scan video sources. This HDTV selector allows you to simultaneously route any of six source devices to two separate TV/monitors or one source to two TV/monitors. Now you can take control of your system and watch what you want, where you want, and do it with no compromises.

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