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  Category: Components > CPU-Case Fans

Browse top sellers, or select a category from the left. 92x25mm Ball Bearing Quiet Computer Case Fan w/ TX3 Connector

92.5mm - 1600rpm Ball Bearing

Quick Info Best Seller Web ID: 10055482 Mfr. Part: FAN9X25TX3L
This quiet, dual ball-bearing (9.25cm) Case Fan offers a cost-effective solution for replacing a non-functional or noisy fan in your PC. Powered through a simple TX3 connection to the host computer power supply, the 8cm case fan helps keep your computer running at optimal temperatures for stable system performance. 80x25mm Dual Ball Bearing Computer Case Fan w/ LP4 Connector

80mm - 3000rpm

Quick Info Web ID: 10055407 Mfr. Part: FANBOX
This versatile PC case fan is designed to fit a broad range of computer case designs, to circulate cool air into the case, or exhaust warm air out - preventing problems due to overheating components._x000D_ A quiet cooling solution, the near silent 8cm fan features a brushless ball bearing design coupled with a high-efficiency blade layout, capable of moving 37 CFM of air._x000D_ This broadly compatible PC cooling solution can be powered through a simple LP4 connection to the computer power supply.

Thermaltake Mobilefan II Cooling Fan

1 x 80 mm - 3000 rpm - Sleeve Bearing

Web ID: 1010829969 Mfr. Part: A1888 50x10mm Replacement Ball Bearing Computer Case Fan TX3/LP4 Connector

50mm - 4500rpm

Quick Info Web ID: 10055706 Mfr. Part: FAN5X1TX3
This versatile 5cm x 1cm fan is an ideal replacement fan for keeping your computer running cool. The fan can be powered through a TX3 connection, and features a dual ball bearing design that ensures reliable cooling and longer fan lifespan.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Cooling Fan/Heatsink

1 x 120 mm - 2000 rpm - Long Life Sleeve Bearing - Socket R LGA-2011, Socket B LGA-1366, Socket H LGA-1156, Socket H2 LGA-1155, Socket T LGA-775, Socket FM1, Socket AM3+, Socket AM3 PGA-941, Socket AM2+ PGA-940, Socket AM2 PGA-940 Compatible Processor Socket

Quick Info Web ID: 1021433012 Mfr. Part: RR-212E-20PK-R2
The Hyper 212 EVO cooling systems are designed and optimized to provide the best user experience and cooling potential for a new generation of processors. The Hyper 212 EVO now features four Cooler Master patented Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) heat pipes that are tightly packed into a flat array on the CPU Cooler base. This acts as a virtual vapor chamber that dissipates a large amount of heat. The aluminum fin structure has been optimized to provide the perfect performance balance between high and low speed fan operations.

Fractal Design Silent Series R2 120mm Cooling Fan White

1 x 120 mm - 1200 rpm - Hydraulic Bearing

Quick Info Web ID: 1024139580 Mfr. Part: FD-FAN-SSR2-120
These fans have been specifically developed to deliver significant airflow while maintaining low noise levels. Silent Series R2 fans are available in sizes from 40mm up to 140mm.All new Silent Series R2 fans are equipped with high performance hydraulic bearings, increasing both fan performance and reliability. Each fan 60mm and larger is packaged with both 4 metal screws and 4 rubber screws to ensure maximum fan-mounting options. Using the rubber screws allows mechanical decoupling from the case itself, reducing vibrations and decreasing the noise level (40 and 50mm feature metal mounting screws only).The cable on each Silent Series R2 fan is fully sleeved for effortless cable routing and enhanced aesthetics.

Vantec Stealth Case Fan

1 x 80 mm - 2050 rpm - Dual Ball Bearing - Side Fan Location

Quick Info Web ID: 1011464532 Mfr. Part: SF8025L
Stealth means moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way. For people who do not like noise and are looking for a quieter case fan for their computers. Now, Vantec has the solution for you! Vantec applies Stealth Technology onto their case fan to bring users a quieter system. 40x10mm Replacement Dual Ball Bearing Computer Case Fan w/ LP4


Quick Info Web ID: 10055552 Mfr. Part: FAN4X1LP4
This 40mmx10mm PC computer cooling fan is a perfect addition or replacement PC fan for maintaining suitable operating temperatures within your computer case._x000D_ The PC fan can be powered through a simple LP4 connection to the PC power supply , and offers a dual ball bearing design to ensure quiet, dependable operation.

Intel Cooling Fan/Heatsink

Socket H3 LGA-1150, Socket H4 LGA-1151, Socket H LGA-1156 Compatible Processor Socket

Web ID: 1031249123 Mfr. Part: BXTS15A

Cooler Master Hyper T2 - Compact CPU Cooler with Dual Looped Direct Contact Heatpipes

1 x 92 mm - 2800 rpm - 1 x 54.8 CFM - Long Life Sleeve Bearing - Socket H3 LGA-1150, Socket H LGA-1156, Socket H2 LGA-1155, Socket T LGA-775, Socket FM2+, Socket FM2, Socket FM1, Socket AM3+, Socket AM3 PGA-941, Socket AM2 PGA-940 Compatible Processor Socket - Aluminum

Quick Info Web ID: 1027613271 Mfr. Part: RRHT228PKR1
Thanks to Cooler Master's patented Dual Loop heatpipe design, Hyper T2 is able to provide superior cooling performance compared to other dual heatpipe CPU coolers. The special Dual Loop heatpipes form a Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) surface, allowing Hyper T2 to quickly and effectively cool CPU hotspots. An easy-to-use, universal mounting system and compact size makes installation and removal a breeze with support and compatibility with all common motherboard and CPU types.

Cooler Master Hyper 612 Ver. 2 RR-H6V2-13PK-R1 Cooling Fan/Heatsink

1 x 120 mm - 1300 rpm - Riffle Bearing - Socket T LGA-775, Socket H3 LGA-1150, Socket H2 LGA-1155, Socket H LGA-1156, Socket B LGA-1366, Socket R LGA-2011, Socket AM2 PGA-940, Socket AM2+ PGA-940, Socket AM3 PGA-941, Socket FM1, Socket FM2, ... Compatible Processor Socket - Aluminum

Quick Info Web ID: 1029325838 Mfr. Part: RR-H6V2-13PK-R1
Folding fin design with best air guiding providing higher efficiency of dissipation It Adopts the innovative patented CDC™ (Continuous Direct Contact) technology - side-by-side heat pipe configurations with no gaps creating a perfectly smooth surface for heat conduction 90x25mm High Air Flow Dual Ball Bearing Computer Case Fan w/ TX3


Quick Info Web ID: 10055619 Mfr. Part: FAN9X25TX3H
Keeping a computer cooled is the best way to increase its efficiency and power. A high-airflow fan can ensure that your computer runs smoothly and is kept at a constantly lower temperature than with normal fans. High airflow circulates hot air around the case and exhausts it out the back.

HP Z440 Fan and Front Card Guide Kit J9P80AA


Quick Info Web ID: 1029048589 Mfr. Part: J9P80AA
Help enable correct thermals and added mechanical stability when configuring select graphics cards on the HP Z440 Workstation with the HP Z440 Fan and Front Card Guide Kit.

Supermicro 4U Active CPU Heat Sink for X9 Socket R WS

3800 rpm - Socket R LGA-2011 Compatible Processor Socket - Retail

Web ID: 1022139696 Mfr. Part: SNK-P0050AP4

Intel Cooling Fan/Heatsink

Socket R LGA-2011 Compatible Processor Socket

Web ID: 1021619843 Mfr. Part: BXSTS200C

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