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  Category: Cleaning Products > Household Cleaners

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Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Surface Cleaner

Cloth - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1021489850 Mfr. Part: 800-KC1
More absorbent than regular dishcloths, this bamboo cleaning wipe rinses and wrings easily and dries quickly. Natural antimicrobial properties resist odors. Use wet or dry. Great for dishes and countertops. Wipe is made with natural fibers derived from bamboo, a renewable and highly sustainable resource that is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Bamboo cleaning wipe is a reusable, money-saving choice.

Empack G16 Carpet/Upholstery Foam Cleaner

Foam Spray - 532.32 mL - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1018539511 Mfr. Part: 44016
Carpet and upholstery foam cleaner is specially formulated for quick, easy cleaning of carpets, fabric, vinyl and leather. Thick foam gently lifts and cleans dirt, grease, grime and stains without saturating carpet or fabric. After cleaning, foam dries quickly to prevent resoiling. Leaves no residue behind. Carpet and upholstery foam cleaner is Ideal for spot cleaning in home, office, car or truck.

Continental Sprayer and Bottle

Spray - 709.76 mL - 3 / Pack - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010066255 Mfr. Part: 922-3-SP
Sprayers and bottles feature check-off grid and safety information. Each bottle holds 24 oz.

Clorox ToiletWand System

Quick Info Web ID: 1036707388 Mfr. Part: 01534
ToiletWand cleaning system provides a quick, simple way to power through tough stains on toilets. Disposable scrub heads are preloaded with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner to kill 99.9 percent of germs without the use of additional cleaners. Its easy-to-use design requires you to simply click a refill onto the wand, scrub and toss away to keep maintenance times to a minimum. Once you're finished, hold the wand over the trash bin and slide the button forward to release. Advanced ingredients have been tested and proven to be safe for all plumbing and septic systems. Cleaning system includes six disposable refill heads, wand and storage caddy.

Genuine Joe General Purpose Microfiber Cloth

Cloth - 16" (406.40 mm) Width x 16" (406.40 mm) Length - 1 Dozen - Blue

Quick Info Web ID: 1028973484 Mfr. Part: 39506
Microfiber cloths are a great choice for dusting and cleaning. The split fibers create a positive charge that grasps dust and dirt without damaging surfaces. Microfiber is safe for dry dusting hardwoods and for dusting. Use with or without chemicals. The cloth effectively removes bacteria without the need for chemicals. It can remove 99 percent of bacteria with water alone.

S.O.S Heavy-duty Soap Pad

Pad - 18 / Box

Quick Info Web ID: 1011916427 Mfr. Part: 98026
Soap pads are made of heavy-duty, steel wool for removing tough stains and buildup on metal surfaces. Especially effective in kitchen for cleaning and polishing pots and pans and cooking surfaces and utensils.

Tide Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover Pen

10 mL - 3 / Pack

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490004 Mfr. Part: 01871
Instant Stain Remover is convenient and easy to carry. Stain remover in a pen style helps eliminate many fresh food and drink stains on the spot. Portable pen is easy to handle and small enough to fit into briefcases, purses, desk drawers and car glove compartments. Stain remover contains no phosphates and is safe to use on most colorfast, machine-washable and dry-cleanable fabrics.

Quartet Surface Cleaner

226.8 g - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528433 Mfr. Part: 15727
Whiteboard rejuvenator removes permanent ink from dry-erase surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Gentle cleaner is safe for use on all dry-erase surfaces. Scent-free formula helps prevent irritation during cleanings. Easy-to-use design works fast for time-saving use.

Genuine Joe Glass Cleaner Refill

Liquid - 3.79 L - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010043792 Mfr. Part: 02102
Glass cleaner in one gallon jug offers professional strength. Ready-to-use, nonstreaking cleaner can be used on most surfaces even Plexiglas. It quickly penetrates grease, grime, smoke and other soils on glass, windows, mirrors, tile, countertops, chrome and plastic surfaces. Glass cleaner leaves a clear, clean shine.

Lysol Antibacterial Cleaner

Spray - 650 mL - Citrus Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011915525 Mfr. Part: 50305
Potent antibacterial kitchen cleaner cuts through tough grease and grime. Kills harmful bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli, listeria and staph. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus). Ready-to-use, rinse-free formula with fresh citrus scent is ideal for use in all foodservice operations.

Scotch-Brite High Performance Surface Cleaner

Cloth - 50 / Case - Green

Quick Info Web ID: 1021659131 Mfr. Part: SB2010G
Scotch-Brite High-performance Microfiber Wipes are premium-quality wipes with a patented 3M microfibre structure, offering highly efficient and lint-free cleaning on virtually any surface. They easily remove dust, dirt, oil and grease for streak-free results. Use with or without water. Use with or without detergent. Wipe can withstand up to 500 washes at 95 degrees Celsius.

Genuine Joe All Purpose Spray Cleaner

Spray - 946.35 mL - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010075314 Mfr. Part: 10352
Multiuse institutional-strength cleaner is designed for tough cleaning tasks and outperforms ordinary household RTU cleaners. Use to penetrate heavy greases, carbon deposits, tire marks, oils, inks and soil buildup. Water-based, totally rinsable cleaner deodorizes as it cleans. All-purpose cleaner in trigger-spray bottle is great for cleaning breakrooms.

Cascade Dishwashing Detergent

Powder - 1.70 kg - Fresh Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1026720544 Mfr. Part: 34035
Cascade Powder Dishwashing Detergent gets your dishes so clean that they are virtually spotless. Detergent is formulated for under-the-counter dishwashers and cabinet-type automatic utensil washers. This foodservice version is safe for boiling out fryers. Pure Rinse formula is effective for soaking pots and pans with baked-on soil.

Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

Aerosol - 539 g - 1 Each - Tan

Quick Info Web ID: 1032792579 Mfr. Part: 991206
Oven and grill cleaner delivers heavy-duty cleaning power for fast and easy cleaning of institutional, industrial and commercial surfaces. Cleaner works immediately on warm or cold ovens. Self-scouring action with unsurpassed clinging ability starts breaking down tough, baked-on grease and grime on contact, for less scrubbing. Institutional formula offers dual usage for quick jobs or time-lapse actions and even extra power to clean away even carbonized soils. Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner attacks grease and grime on ovens, grills, broilers, ventilating hoods, splash panels, steam tabletops, pots, pans, fryers and griddles. Aerosol contains no CFCs.

Rubbermaid Commercial 1820577 12x12 Light Commercial MF Cloth Red

Cloth - 12" (304.80 mm) Width x 12" (304.80 mm) Length - 288 Pack - Red

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528473 Mfr. Part: 1820577
Microfiber cloths deliver superior cleaning performance for light commercial use. They remove 99.9 percent of microbes. Quality microfiber withstands hundreds of launderings and 100 launderings with bleach. Bulk supply of reusable cloths makes sure you have plenty to clean for long period or large buildings. This cloth is red, and cloths are available in other colors to let you color-code them for specific uses.

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