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  Category: Cleaning Products > Household Cleaners

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Clorox Commercial Solutions Disinfecting Wipe (Fresh Scent)

Wipe - Fresh Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1024137174 Mfr. Part: 01169
When the flu, colds and other illnesses are on the rise, disinfecting wipes help keep the office fresh, clean and disinfected. These pre-moistened wipes kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, including cold and flu, E. coli, salmonella, staph and strep. Use them to remove germs from frequently used office equipment, such as desktops, phones, keyboards, doorknobs and mice. The cleaning wipes are easy to use. They won't damage equipment and work on a variety of surfaces, including countertops, wood, mirrors and glass, tile, appliances and faucets. Wipes tear smoothly for easy use. Use the handy canister in the office kitchen, bathroom or reception areas. Without bleach or phosphorous in the ingredients list, these wipes are easy on hands. Ideal for daycare centers, offices, schools and restaurants, this canister contains 75 disinfecting wipes.

Genuine Joe Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes

Wipe - Fresh Scent - 6" (152.4 mm) Width x 8" (203.2 mm) Length - 80 / Canister - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1025009637 Mfr. Part: 14141EA
Pre-moistened wipes clean and disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces in your home, laboratory vehicle, hotel, school, store or auto. Ideal for equipment, stainless steel, formica, counters, cabinets, sinks, tabletops, telephones, railings and toilet seats. Gentle, water-based formula is safe for plastic, laminate, metal, Plexiglas and rubber yet tough enough to kill tuberculosis, H1N1, bacteria, viruses and staph. Soft, absorbent towels also offer a fresh clean scent and come in a convenient dispenser. Each 6" x 8" wipe cleans and disinfects in one step.

Dawn Manual Pot & Pan Detergent

Liquid Solution - 0.98 gal (125.11 fl oz) - Clean Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1029476852 Mfr. Part: 01083
Dependable, manual dishwashing liquid fights grease, leaving you with squeaky-clean pots, pans and dishes, and leaves a pleasant, clean scent when you're done washing. Long-lasting suds can even help reduce sink changeover and wash up to two times more dishes than the leading competition.

Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner

Liquid Solution - 1 gal (127.82 fl oz) - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1021490002 Mfr. Part: 48910
This no-rinse disinfectant cleaner cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes in one labor-saving step. Economical concentrate can be used with mop and bucket, trigger sprayer, sponge or by soaking. Does not require a rinse prior to recoat. Effective against microorganisms, viruses and fungi. Controls odors for a long lasting clean.

Lysol Antibacterial Cleaner

Spray - 0.17 gal (21.98 fl oz) - Citrus Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011915525 Mfr. Part: 50305
Potent antibacterial kitchen cleaner cuts through tough grease and grime. Kills harmful bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli, listeria and staph. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus). Ready-to-use, rinse-free formula with fresh citrus scent is ideal for use in all foodservice operations.

Quartet Surface Cleaner

8 oz (0.50 lb) - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528433 Mfr. Part: 15727
Whiteboard rejuvenator removes permanent ink from dry-erase surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Gentle cleaner is safe for use on all dry-erase surfaces. Scent-free formula helps prevent irritation during cleanings. Easy-to-use design works fast for time-saving use.

Genuine Joe Large Enduro Cleaning Cloth

Cloth - 5 / Pack - Blue

Quick Info Web ID: 1028973485 Mfr. Part: 39507
Reusable, lint-free cleaning cloth is highly absorbent. Cleaning cloth is designed to hold up to 20 times its own weight in water and eliminate water droplet trails other towels leave behind. Closed pores won't harbor bacteria. Cloth is soft, durable and resistant to tearing. Cloth is made of natural materials (cellulose and cotton). Machine-washable and dishwasher-safe cloth will replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels.

Finish Dishwash Tab

Tablet - 43.20 oz (2.70 lb) - Fresh Scent - 60 / Pack - White, Blue, Red

Quick Info Web ID: 1023555975 Mfr. Part: 81158
Pre-soaking dishwashing tabs deliver a brilliant clean plus Jet-Dry shine without re-washing thanks to its unique all-in-one technology. Pre-soaking PowerBall bursts into action to help soften the toughest food residues. Powerful cleaners remove even the toughest stains, like coffee and tea, and gently scrub your dishes, glasses and silverware sparkling clean. Jet-Dry Rinse Agent Action helps rinse away residues, eliminating spots and film for a sparkling shine.

Genuine Joe Ready-to-Use Bathroom Cleaner

Spray - 0.25 gal (32 fl oz) - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010075316 Mfr. Part: 10357
Use this ready-to-use cleaner to clean sinks, bowls, basins, showers, tubs, tile and fixtures. Cleaner removes soap, soil, grease, make-up and other stains without heavy scrubbing. Free-rinsing cleaner deodorizes as it cleans. Bathroom cleaner comes in an easy-to-use trigger-spray bottle.

Febreze Odor Eliminator

Spray - 0.26 gal (33.81 fl oz) - 1 Each - White

Web ID: 1015565225 Mfr. Part: 03259

Twinkle Stainless Steel Polish

Aerosol - 17 oz (1.06 lb) - Lemon Scent - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528082 Mfr. Part: 991224
Stainless steel cleaner and polish cleans and beautifies stainless steel, brass, aluminum and chrome. Water-based formula leaves no residue or film. Introduces special coating to resist resoiling. Stainless steel cleaner and polish offers a mild lemon scent.

Genuine Joe Glass Cleaner

Liquid Solution - 1 gal (128 fl oz) - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010043792 Mfr. Part: 02102
Glass cleaner in one gallon jug offers professional strength. Ready-to-use, nonstreaking cleaner can be used on most surfaces even Plexiglas. It quickly penetrates grease, grime, smoke and other soils on glass, windows, mirrors, tile, countertops, chrome and plastic surfaces. Glass cleaner leaves a clear, clean shine.

Genuine Joe Cleaner/Degreaser

1 gal (128 fl oz) - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1010075315 Mfr. Part: 10353
Super-concentrated, cleaner/degreaser contains heavy-duty detergents and water-soluble solvents. It is safe at proper dilution to use for all-around heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance. Heavy-duty Degreaser is excellent for cleaning equipment, filters, kitchens, floors and appliances.

Quartet BoardWipes Surface Cleaner

Wipe - 70 / Canister - 70 Wipe - White

Quick Info Web ID: 1032528434 Mfr. Part: 18003
Clean and refresh your whiteboard with these durable cleaning wipes. Plant-based ingredients gently and quickly remove stubborn stains without damaging your hands. Storage canister tightly seals closed to prevent wipes from drying out when stored. Disposable material allows fast, simple cleanup after each use. Nontoxic formula is safe for school, home and office use.

Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover

Spray - 0.13 gal (16 fl oz) - Lemon Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1015565315 Mfr. Part: 12438
Mold and mildew stain remover kills 99.9 percent of molds and removes ugly mildew stains without scrubbing. Disinfects with the power of bleach. Works on glazed tile, grout, tubs, shower doors, vinyl curtains, counters, sinks, no-wax floors. Can also be used on cement pool areas and outdoor furniture. Mold spores are allergens that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms including stuffy noses, irritated eyes, wheezing and sneezing. Just one spray of mold and mildew stain remover and tough, ugly mold and mildew are gone.

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