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  Category: Cleaning Products

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MetroVac Pro DataVac Toner Vacuum Cleaner with Carrying Case

1.27 kW Motor - 335 Air Watts - Bagged - Nozzle, Brush, Powerizer, Air Maximizer, Crevice Tool, Snorkel Probe, Strap - 12 ft Cable Length - 72" (1828.8 mm) Hose Length - 2831.7 L/min

Quick Info Best Seller Web ID: 11964847 Mfr. Part: MDV-3TCA
DataVac 2 Vacuum Cleaner picks up dangerous toner spills from laser printers and copiers and is 99.9% efficient on particles to .3 microns. These hi-tech vac/blowers have plenty of power for the toughest jobs yet are sensitive enough to pick up the most minute particles. This is perfect for cleaning, all types of office equipment from micros to mainframes, laser printers, copiers, fax machines, disc drives, calculators, electronic typewriters, automatic teller machines. DataVac is environmentally friendly, too! It traps and removes harmful pollutants before they are expelled into the atmosphere. Well-run offices know computer downtime and repairs cost dearly. With DataVac you can keep your equipment running clean, all the time. DataVac pro is inexpensive and user friendly.

Fujitsu Cleaning Cloths


Web ID: 11451967 Mfr. Part: CG90000-120001

3M Avagard D Hand Sanitizer

500 mL - Push Pump Dispenser - Hand - Anti-septic - 1 / Each

Web ID: 1011918053 Mfr. Part: 9222C

Genuine Joe Foam Soap Refill

Orange Blossom Scent - 1.25 L - Hand - Orange - 1 Each

Web ID: 1012675277 Mfr. Part: 10498

Falcon Dust-Off DSXLPW XL Compressed Gas Duster

Ozone-safe, Moisture-free - 2 / Pack

Quick Info Web ID: 11963584 Mfr. Part: DSXLPW
Duster removes dust and lint from computer disks, tape drives, diskettes and other electronics with pure moisture-free blasts. Formula contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse. The 100 percent ozone-safe duster contains no CFCs, HCFCs, propane or butane.

Metro Paper Economical Roll Kraft Paper Towels

2 Ply - 7.9" x 205 ft - 2" (50.8 mm) Roll Diameter - Kraft - Fiber - For School, Hotel, Restaurant, Industry, Restroom, Office Building - 24 / Carton

Quick Info Web ID: 1029476772 Mfr. Part: RT205K/2
Designed to meet the demands of product consistency and environmental responsibility, these roll towels are produced from a high percentage of recycled fibers. Economical rolls are made for jumbo-size dispensers and are ideal for use in schools, office buildings, government institutions, restaurants, hotels, recreational facilities, hygiene/restroom facilities and industrial applications. Each roll has a 2" (5.08cm) core.

Genuine Joe Dishwashing Detergent

Liquid Solution - 0.22 gal (28 fl oz) - Lemon Scent - 1 Each - Clear

Quick Info Web ID: 1010075317 Mfr. Part: 10358
Professional-strength dishwashing detergent delivers fast grease-cutting emulsification and lasting suds for institutional use. Ideal for cleaning encrusted pots and pans requiring minimum soaking time. Lemon-scented detergent generates hardworking suds and leaves glassware, china, pots and pans film-free. Squeeze bottle allows easy dispensing.

Febreze Air Freshener Refill

1.8 fl oz (0.1 quart) - Hawaiian - 1 / Each

Web ID: 1026720549 Mfr. Part: 46103

Wilen Professional Dish and Sink Cleaning Brush

1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 11971661 Mfr. Part: HJ254910
Radial head brush is designed for cleaning dishes and sinks. Features nylon bristles. Ergonomically designed handle conforms to the hand. Great for cleaning dishes, bowls, glasses and cups.

Lysol Antibacterial Cleaner

Spray - 0.17 gal (21.98 fl oz) - Citrus Scent - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011915525 Mfr. Part: 50305
Potent antibacterial kitchen cleaner cuts through tough grease and grime. Kills harmful bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli, listeria and staph. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus). Ready-to-use, rinse-free formula with fresh citrus scent is ideal for use in all foodservice operations.

Genuine Joe 2-ply Household Roll Paper Towels

2 Ply - 8.8" x 11" - 100 Sheets/Roll - White - Perforated, Easy Tear - For Kitchen, Multipurpose - 24 / Carton

Quick Info Web ID: 1026772771 Mfr. Part: 24081
Use Household Roll Towels in the kitchen, breakroom or anywhere else you need to tear a sheet quickly along the perforated edge. The two-ply construction facilitates fast spill pickup and greater liquid capacity. Towels are made Processed Chlorine-Free and from a high percentage of recycled fiber with post-consumer material that easily exceeds EPA guidelines. Each roll has 100 sheets.

Tork Universal Hand Roll Towel

1 Ply - 7.8" x 700 ft - 7.3" (185.4 mm) Roll Diameter - Natural - Fiber - Soft, Strong, Absorbent - 6 / Carton

Quick Info Web ID: 1015845480 Mfr. Part: 290088
Designed specifically for the Tork Matic and Tork Intuition roll towel dispensers, these soft, strong, and highly absorbent roll towels offer the perfect combination of quality, performance, and value. Embossing enhances hand feel and maximum absorbency so fewer towels are used per hand dry. Less packaging means source reduction reducing your overall labor and maintenance costs. Long lasting rolls minimize maintenance costs while maximizing service. Towels are made from recycled fiber to provide environmental benefits, and a positive image builder. Towels are Eco-Logo Certified.

Wilen Professional Ergonomic Toilet Bowl Brush

17.5" (444.5 mm) Length Handle - 1 Each - White

Quick Info Web ID: 11971662 Mfr. Part: HK007210
Toilet bowl brush with an angled handle is designed for thorough, under-rim scrubbing efficiency. Design includes an ergonomic handle and tough polypropylene bristles.

P&G Spic & Span 3-N-1 Spray

Spray - 0.25 gal (32 fl oz) - 1 Each

Quick Info Web ID: 1011914062 Mfr. Part: 00639
Spic & Span all-purpose cleaning spray offers heavy-duty power that cuts through grease to clean all hard surfaces including stainless steel, nonwaxed floors and countertops. Cleaning spray dries streak-free. Powerful three-in-one formula disinfects, cuts grease and cleans glass. EPA-registered, all-purpose cleaner is a hospital-grade disinfectant for bacteria and virus, including HIV-1 (AIDS virus) and MRSA.

Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner

Concentrate Liquid Solution - 1.12 gal (143.71 fl oz) - Fresh Lemon Scent - 1 Each - Yellow

Quick Info Web ID: 1032527978 Mfr. Part: 01167
Multisurface cleaner fights dirt, grease and grime with its concentrated cleaning power. Deodorizing formula wipes out odor-causing bacteria with the invigorating scent of fresh lemons. Concentrated cleaner can be diluted with water for various cleaning needs throughout the office. EPA-registered disinfectant kills 99.9 percent of germs including salmonella enterica, staphylococcus aureus and more. Easy-to-use design works with everything from rags, mops and brushes to microfiber cloths and paper towels. Cleaner is perfect for use in offices, daycare centers, restaurants, schools and more.

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