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Phone Add-ons

Phone Add-ons
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Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter 60961-34
  • MFR Part#: 60961-34

HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook. Automatically lifts handset and returns it to the cradle.

  • WebID 1013904925
GN Remote Handset Lifter 01-0369
  • MFR Part#: 01-0369

Jabra GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter used for answering and ending calls away from your desk.

  • WebID 1011174437
GN Jabra HHC Headset Adapter 14201-16
  • MFR Part#: 14201-16

The Jabra 14201-16 HHC Adapter enables remote Headset Hookswitch Control (HHC) with Jabra wireless headsets and the latest generation of Cisco Unified IP Phones.

This means that users can hear ring tones, answer and end calls, adjust the volume or even mute the call up to 300 ft. away from their desks. The integration of handset and headset allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility....

  • WebID 1011288340
Sennheiser HSL10 Handset Lifter 500712
  • MFR Part#: 500712

Those who have already converted to a headset surely appreciate the relief on their spine from no longer having to wedge their phone between shoulder and neck. You unquestionably enjoy the convenience of having your hands free to grab files or type into the computer. You have made the headset even more useful by going wireless, combining your regular wired headset with a DW 800 wireless....

  • WebID 1014941403
Plantronics Vista M22 Headset Amplifier M22
  • MFR Part#: M22

Amplifier is designed for use with traditional or new wideband VoIP phone systems. VoIP-ready Vista M22 amplifier is compatible with most office phones. Clearline audio technology enhances speech clarity and helps to reduce repeats, errors, and listening fatigue. Easy to use, with one-button headset/handset selection, plus controls for both incoming and outgoing volume. When used with wideband....

  • WebID 1010467333
Plantronics RD-1 Ring Detector Adapter 78887-01


  • MFR Part#: 78887-01
  • WebID 1012053137
Jabra LINK 850 Telephone Amplifier 85009

Yes - USB - Desktop

  • MFR Part#: 85009

Less noise and distractions keep agents focused


Advanced noise reducing technology eliminates disruptive sounds and call interruptions.

Line Quieting

Removes line hiss, buzz and other distracting noises from the phone network.

Soft Squelch

Reduces background noise by only amplifying sounds over a certain....

  • WebID 1023374965
Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter HL10
  • MFR Part#: HL10

HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.

  • WebID 10107085
Plantronics Savi OLI Online Indicator 80287-01
  • MFR Part#: 80287-01

Online indicator for Savi Series. Lets others know when you're on the phone.

  • WebID 1013227109
Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter 60961-35
  • MFR Part#: 60961-35

HL10 Lifter with straight plug for Savi Office. HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.

  • WebID 1016624136
Plantronics Vista M22 Audio Processor 43596-41
  • MFR Part#: 43596-41

Ideal for professionals particularly VoIP users the Vista M22 audio processor delivers precise levels of listening comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio performance. The Vista M22 includes Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP. The audio processor includes near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones,....

  • WebID 1011198351
GN Jabra EHS Adapter 14201-17
  • MFR Part#: 14201-17

The Jabra 14201-17 EHS Adapter enables remote Electronic Hookswitch Control (EHS) with Jabra wireless headsets and selected Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones.

  • WebID 1011567378
Plantronics DA40 USB Headset Adapter 71800-41
  • MFR Part#: 71800-41

The DA40 and DA45 adapters work with all Plantronics H-series headsets-including the latest wideband models-to deliver outstanding audio quality, reliability and a choice of wearing styles. The DA40 adapter is the most economical enterprise- class solution available, while the DA45 delivers superior sound with one touch controls.

  • WebID 1016898801
Plantronics MDA200 Headset Adapter 83757-01
  • MFR Part#: 83757-01

Flexible Communications Hub

Uniquely designed to solve the communications challenges of business migrating to UC -- the MDA200 makes it easy for you to manage PC voice and multi-media, while still maintaining connectivity to your desk phone.

  • WebID 1021059781
Plantronics M12 Training Base Station with AC Adapter 40710-01


  • MFR Part#: 40710-01

Offering precision communication for both traditional and VoIP phones, the Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier is ideal for professionals desiring consistent, comfortable listening levels and echo management.

  • WebID 10107151
Plantronics DA45 USB Audio Processor 77559-41
  • MFR Part#: 77559-41

The DA45 USB Audio Processor helps organizations optimize their unified communications deployment by bringing superior call clarity to headsets for Internet calls and other PC-based voice communications. Compatible with Plantronics H-series headsets, this corded USB-to-headset adapter and audio processor offers advanced audio technologies and several features that help users remain productive....

  • WebID 1018155549
Plantronics EHS Cable APA-23 (Alcatel) 38908-11


  • MFR Part#: 38908-11

Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). This cable eliminates the need for a HL10 Handset Lifter.

This cable works with Alcatel desk phones and may work with additional manufacturers, check with our Product Configurator for more information.

  • WebID 1022484750
Snom f 870 Headset Adapter 2362
  • MFR Part#: 2362
  • WebID 1017320381
Plantronics APP-5 Headset Adapter 38438-01
  • MFR Part#: 38438-01

The APP-5 Headset Adapter transforms your Polycom Unified IP phone experience through remote answer/end and ring alert. It is compatible with Polycom Unified IP Phones

  • WebID 1012781132
Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Audio Processor 79960-01
  • MFR Part#: 79960-01

Delivering precision audio accuracy, the VistaPlus AP15 is specially designed for noisy call centers requiring the highest sound quality. The AP15 features multi band compression and DSP hardware that improve intelligibility by correcting for signal loss anywhere in the bandwidth. AudioIQ technology improves call accuracy by reducing noise and keeping incoming calls at a consistent and....

  • WebID 1012615791
Gentek ADSL Outdoor POTS Splitter BB0014
  • MFR Part#: BB0014
  • WebID 1011286953
Sennheiser AMS-01 Mute Switch Box 500107
  • MFR Part#: 500107
  • WebID 1024876733
Plantronics APU-7 Electronic Hook Switch 83017-01
  • MFR Part#: 83017-01
  • WebID 1018908207
Plantronics EHS Cable APV-63 (Avaya) 38734-11


  • MFR Part#: 38734-11

Electronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end). This cable eliminates the need for a HL10 Handset Lifter.

  • WebID 1021848968
Plantronics Push to Talk Headset Amplifier 60825-15
  • MFR Part#: 60825-15
  • WebID 10668836
Plantronics SHS1890 Headset Amplifer 60825-25
  • MFR Part#: 60825-25
  • WebID 1011846105
Plantronics MX10 Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier 43404-01
  • MFR Part#: 43404-01

The MX10 Universal Amplifier connects your telephone and PC or external audio device to a Plantronics headset and provides control of the sound through your headset. The MX10 includes near-universal compatibility with single- and multi-line telephones. A Quick Disconnect connector allows you to walk away from your desk without removing the headset or disconnecting the call.

  • WebID 11967264
EnGenius DuraFon DURAFON1X-BU Base Unit DURAFON1X-BU
  • WebID 1012907985
Plantronics DA40 Headset Adapter 71800-11
  • MFR Part#: 71800-11

Cost savings, portability, a range of new providers and call features has made PC telephony the ideal tool for phone-intensive organizations. Plantronics delivers a four-model series of usb-to-headset adapters to help contact centers and other businesses derive maximum value from their VoiP investments. Paired with a Plantronics professional headset, our adapters infuse digital-signal clarity....

  • WebID 1012780784
Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter 60961-32
  • MFR Part#: 60961-32
  • WebID 1013514935
Plantronics Vista M22 Headset Amplifier 43596-40
  • MFR Part#: 43596-40

Ideal for professionals particularly VoIP users. The Vista M22 amplifier delivers precise levels of listening comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio performance. The Vista M22 includes Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP. The amplifier includes near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones, as well as....

  • WebID 1010581156
Plantronics DA55 USB-to-Headset Adapters 63725-03


  • MFR Part#: 63725-03

Bring digitally enhanced audio quality and the comfort of Plantronics headsets to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphones with the Plantronics DA55. The DA55 includes a USB audio processor with digital signal processing (DSP) for crisp, clear sound.

  • WebID 1011216009
Jabra LINK 180 Phone Add-on 180-09
  • MFR Part#: 180-09

Jabra LINK 180 provides a smooth and cost-effective migration path from traditional telephony to Unified Communications. If you already have a deployment of corded headsets, there is no need to buy new ones. The Jabra Link 180 switch enables you to answer calls from your desk phone and softphone using your existing Jabra QD (Quick Disconnect) corded headset. This makes Jabra LINK 180 ideal for....

  • WebID 1017145539
Plantronics HL10 Bundle For MDA200 86008-01

No - Desktop

  • MFR Part#: 86008-01

Includes MDA200 AC Power Supply and HL10 Handset Lifter that fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button; conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.
  • WebID 1023068562
Plantronics APV 6B Electronic Hook Switch 83682-01
  • MFR Part#: 83682-01
  • WebID 1017484401
Plantronics Walker Clarity WR100 Phone Ringer 51400.001
  • MFR Part#: 51400.001
  • WebID 1011298109
Plantronics RFI Filter For Handset Noise 70584-01
  • MFR Part#: 70584-01
  • WebID 10651365
Plantronics APS-1 Hook Switch Handset Lifter 38347-01
  • MFR Part#: 38347-01

Electronic Hook Switch- communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter.

  • WebID 1016647597
Jabra 14201-09 Hook Switch 14201-09
  • MFR Part#: 14201-09
  • WebID 1011274956
Plantronics APD-80 Adapter Cable 87327-01

Network (RJ-45) - Yes

  • MFR Part#: 87327-01

APD-80 Adapter Cable for CS500 and Savi.
  • WebID 1023068518
Spracht Remote Handset Lifter RHL-2010


  • MFR Part#: RHL-2010

Remote Handset Lifter is optimized for use with the Spracht ZUM DECT Headset and other phones with a handset with RJ11 jacks. Equipping your phone with the Remote Handset Lifter lets you answer and end calls when you are away from your desk with the touch of an on/off button on the headset. The handset lifter is easy to install and comes with attachment pads to attach it to your phone. The....

  • WebID 1023156883
Plantronics BiWay Handset/Headset Selector 34286-03
  • MFR Part#: 34286-03

This BiWay Handset/Headset Selector is designed for use with telephones that are headset ready, and which do not require amplification. It allows users to switch between making calls with either the handset or telephone headset. BiWay Handset/Headset Selector comes complete with a headset stand, and is easy to install.

  • WebID 1020635892
Honeywell (9700-BATTDOORHC) Phone Add-Ons 9700-BATTDOORHC
  • MFR Part#: 9700-BATTDOORHC
  • WebID 1016085494
GN Danaswitch Handset/Headset Amplifier 1600-719
  • MFR Part#: 1600-719
  • WebID 1012668586
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