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Philips PowerLife General Purpose Battery LR03P4B/27

AAA - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC

  • MFR Part#: LR03P4B/27
  • WebID 1024446601
Philips PowerLife General Purpose Battery LR6P4B/27

AA - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC

  • MFR Part#: LR6P4B/27
  • WebID 1024446600
Cisco Lithium Ion Wireless IP Phone Battery CP-BATT-7925G-EXT=

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: CP-BATT-7925G-EXT=
  • WebID 1012503912
Philips PowerLife General Purpose Battery LR20P2B/27

D - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC

  • MFR Part#: LR20P2B/27
  • WebID 1024446603
EP Memory Notebook Battery HP1020A

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: HP1020A
  • WebID 1021482678
Motorola Mobile Computer Battery BTRY-MC3XKAB0E

2700 mAh

  • WebID 1015335042
Cisco Standard Battery CP-BATT-7925G-STD=
  • MFR Part#: CP-BATT-7925G-STD=
  • WebID 1022604126
Philips PowerLife General Purpose Battery LR14P2B/27

C - Alkaline

  • MFR Part#: LR14P2B/27
  • WebID 1024446602
Philips Power Alkaline Battery 6LR61P1B 9V Alkaline 6LR61P1B/27

Alkaline - 9 V DC

  • MFR Part#: 6LR61P1B/27
  • WebID 1024446604 CR2032 Lithium Thick Coin Cell Battery 5 Pack RV2032B

Lithium Manganese Dioxide

  • MFR Part#: RV2032B

Replaces the CMOS battery on a computer motherboard. Keep your computer's clock running smoothly with We're your number one source for batteries and other hard-to-find computer parts.

  • WebID 1012107594
HP EV087AA Lithium Ion Notebook Battery EV087AA

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: EV087AA

Want more video viewing, music, photos, and games without having to plug in your AC adapter? This 8-cell Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery works with your notebook to reduce power consumption, letting you work longer than with other types of batteries .Double your work time available without having to plug in to AC power .Recharge the battery in your notebook using the AC adapter, whether the....

  • WebID 1010104816
AddOn HP KU531AA Compatible 6-CELL LI-ION Battery 10.8V 5200mAh 56Wh KU531AA-AA

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 10.8V DC

  • MFR Part#: KU531AA-AA

AddOn's KU531AA-AA is a HP compatible 6-Cell LI-ION 10.8V 5200mAh battery specifically designed for HP notebooks. This higher capacity 5200mAh battery packs more punch than the OEM and has a similar for factor to the OEM. Batteries are 100% tested and compatible for the systems intended for. Battery life depends on many factors including: available DRAM, screen brightness, applications, features,....
  • WebID 1021687598
Lenovo Notebook Battery 0A36303
  • MFR Part#: 0A36303
  • WebID 1022619834
Honeywell Handheld Device Battery MX7392BATT

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: MX7392BATT
  • WebID 1024622266
Honeywell Scanner Battery BAT-SCN01

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: BAT-SCN01
  • WebID 1023864989
Motorola Handheld Battery BTRY-MC95IABA0

4800 mAh - Proprietary Battery Size

  • MFR Part#: BTRY-MC95IABA0
  • WebID 1015420728
Motorola Handheld Battery BTRY-MC7XEAB0H

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 4800mAh

  • WebID 1012720640
Motorola Spare 2x Battery BTRY-MC70EAB02

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: BTRY-MC70EAB02
  • WebID 11502816
LXE 8650376BATTERY Barcode Scanner Battery 8650376BATTERY

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: 8650376BATTERY
  • WebID 1024622071
Motorola Handheld Device Battery BTRY-MCXX-3080-01R

3080 mAh - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: BTRY-MCXX-3080-01R
  • WebID 1024206887
Zebra Battery AT16004-1

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.4V DC

  • MFR Part#: AT16004-1

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile battery technology. They offer higher power-to-volume and power-to-weight than their nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium counterparts. Zebra utilizes Li-Ion technology in its newer QL 220 and 320 printers.

  • WebID 10651468
Honeywell Lithium Ion Phone Battery 200002586

Proprietary - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.4V DC

  • MFR Part#: 200002586
  • WebID 1011816924
Honeywell Handheld Device Battery 7800-BTXC

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 3.7 V DC

  • MFR Part#: 7800-BTXC
  • WebID 1021304401
Zebra Spare Battery - Lithium-Ion Battery for the QLn420 P1050667-016

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: P1050667-016
  • WebID 1024556433
Zebra Spare Battery AK18353-1

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: AK18353-1
  • WebID 1010692491
Honeywellbatteries Honeywell 3100 Series Portable Data Terminal Battery H3100-M

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) - 6V DC

  • MFR Part#: H3100-M
  • WebID 11198980
Code Barcode Scanner Battery CRA-B5
  • MFR Part#: CRA-B5
  • WebID 1023274949
Epson OT-BY60II Printer Battery C32C831091

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: C32C831091
  • WebID 1025837049
Datamax-O'Neil Rechargeable Replacement Battery 550039-100

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.2V DC

  • MFR Part#: 550039-100
  • WebID 1010870528
Honeywell HMC9000-Li(24) Mobile Computer Battery HMC9000-LI24

2400 mAh - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.2 V DC

  • MFR Part#: HMC9000-LI24
  • WebID 1014324591
Zebra Four-Cell Battery for RW420 Portable Printer AK17463-005

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.4V DC

  • MFR Part#: AK17463-005

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile battery technology. They offer higher power-to-volume and power-to-weight than their nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium counterparts. Zebra utilizes Li-Ion technology in its newer RW 420 printer.

  • WebID 10659623
Honeywell Handheld Device Battery MX7394BATT

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: MX7394BATT
  • WebID 1024622267
Honeywell Handheld Device Battery MX7396BATTERY

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: MX7396BATTERY
  • WebID 1024622273
PSION HU3000 Barcode Reader Battery HU3000

1900 mAh - Proprietary Battery Size - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.4 V DC

  • MFR Part#: HU3000
  • WebID 1013704379
Honeywell HLS4278-M Scanner Battery HLS4278-M

730 mAh - Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) - 3.6 V DC

  • MFR Part#: HLS4278-M
  • WebID 1014324583
Motorola Hands-free Scanner Battery KTBTRYRS50EAB00-01

970 mAh - Proprietary Battery Size - 3.7 V DC

  • MFR Part#: KTBTRYRS50EAB00-01
  • WebID 1013192180
Altronix BT126 Security Device Battery BT126

7000 mAh - Lead Acid - 12 V DC

  • MFR Part#: BT126
  • WebID 1019554040
Honeywell Handheld Device Battery 99EX-BTEC-1

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 3.7 V DC

  • MFR Part#: 99EX-BTEC-1
  • WebID 1019527218
Zebra Battery Pack AT16293-1

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.2V DC

  • MFR Part#: AT16293-1
  • WebID 11008724
Honeywell HHHP9500-Li Lithium Ion Mobile Computer Battery HHHP9500-LI

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 2200mAh - 7.2V DC

  • MFR Part#: HHHP9500-LI
  • WebID 1012225179
Elo Accessory Battery E840851

Proprietary Battery Size

  • MFR Part#: E840851
  • WebID 1025084231
Honeywell 6000-BATT Handheld Device Battery 6000-BATT

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 3.7 V DC

  • MFR Part#: 6000-BATT
  • WebID 1020184666
Datalogic Lithium Ion Barcode Reader Battery RBP-GM40

Proprietary - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 2100mAh

  • MFR Part#: RBP-GM40
  • WebID 1014369588
Honeywell Battery 20000591-01

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 7.4V DC

  • MFR Part#: 20000591-01
  • WebID 10866761
Motorola Handheld Battery BTRY-MC95IABA0-10


  • MFR Part#: BTRY-MC95IABA0-10
  • WebID 1014360131
Motorola Mobile Computer Battery BTRY-MC7XEAB0E

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 1950mAh

  • WebID 1013607056
Motorola Lithium Ion Vehicle Mounted Mobile Computer Battery BTRY-VC50IAB00

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: BTRY-VC50IAB00
  • WebID 1010739825
Motorola Handheld Device Battery BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01R

2680 mAh

  • MFR Part#: BTRY-MC40EAB0E-01R
  • WebID 1024511954
AML Spare Battery for M5900 180-7100

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

  • MFR Part#: 180-7100
  • WebID 11887292
Honeywell Handheld Battery HHP9500-LI

Proprietary - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - 2400mAh - 7.4V DC

  • MFR Part#: HHP9500-LI
  • WebID 1014324553
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