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Remote Controls

Remote Controls
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Logitech R800 Presentation Remote Control 910-001350

100 ft (30480 mm) Wireless

  • MFR Part#: 910-001350

Professional Presenter R800 gives you powerful control for high-impact presentations. Green laser pointer is easy to see, even on flat panel displays, projection screens, and in brightly lit rooms. 2.4 GHz wireless technology offers a range of up to 100' (30m). LCD screen with a timer lets you manage your time with silent, vibrating alerts and has controls that are easy to set and adjust. LCD....

  • WebID 1013892516
SMK-Link VP4350 100 ft Wireless RF Powerpoint Presenter with mouse control and Laser pointer VP4350

100 ft

  • MFR Part#: VP4350

Present with confidence using the RemotePoint Global Presenter. This powerful presentation remote control features dedicated buttons for advancing and reviewing Powerpoint slides, an integrated laser pointer and 360-degree mouse control. An impressive 100-foot range allows you to interact with your audience, even in large rooms. Installation is a snap, just plug in the USB receiver and go!

  • WebID 10359093
SMK-Link Wireless Stopwatch Presenter with Laser Pointer VP4560
  • MFR Part#: VP4560

The SMK-Link VP4560 stopwatch presenter from SMK-Link is a simple and yet powerful presentation tool for all levels of users. An integrated stopwatch with LCD display enables the presenter to effectively manage time. Designed with 5 intuitive presentation control buttons, a unique scroll wheel for long document maneuver and a built-in laser pointer to bring audience focus, the VP4560 presenter....

  • WebID 1011923131
SMK-Link Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for Sony PS3 VP3700

For Gaming Console, TV, Set-top Box, Audio System, DVD Player, DVR, Satellite Receiver

  • MFR Part#: VP3700

Put all the functions of your PS3 and Blue Ray player at your fingertips, plus control all your other home entertainment devices with SMK-Link's remarkable Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3.

  • WebID 1013904379
SMK-Link X-link Universal Remote Control for Microsoft Xbox VP3701

For TV, VCR, DVD Player, DVR, Music System, Satellite Box, Set-top Box, Blu-ray Disc Player, Xbox

  • MFR Part#: VP3701

Put all the functions of your Xbox or Xbox 360 gaming platform and DVD player at your fingertips, plus control of all your other home entertainment devices with SMK-Link's new X-Link Universal Remote Control for Microsoft Xbox.

  • WebID 1017317425
SMK-Link Universal Projector Remote Control VP3720

For Projector - 30 ft (9144 mm) Wireless

  • MFR Part#: VP3720

Introducing the World's First Universal Projector Remote Control. Works with all popular LCD and DLP projectors including those from 3M, BenQ, Boxlight, Canon, Casio, Christie, Dell, Dukane, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, HP, InFocus, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Phillips, Pioneer, Polaroid, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vidikron, Viewsonic and more.

The new Universal....

  • WebID 1024718691
SMK-Link Device Remote Control VP4450

For Multimedia - 100 ft (30480 mm) Wireless

  • MFR Part#: VP4450

Designed with 5 intuitive presentation control buttons, a unique scroll wheel for long document maneuver, integrated receiver dongle storage and a built-in laser pointer to bring audience focus, the VP4550 features up to 70 feet of wireless freedom for presentation delivery. This Windows and Mac compatible presenter offers ease of use for all levels of users.

  • WebID 1011925353
Hawking HWMP1 Universal Remote Control HWMP1

For PC, Notebook, Gaming Console - 65 ft (19812 mm) Wireless

  • MFR Part#: HWMP1

The Hawking HWPM1 Wireless Multimedia Control is a palm-sized touch pad remote that allows you to control your laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, and internet TVs wirelessly!


The advanced G-sensor, an accelerometer widely used by popular devices and console controllers, senses your movement through acceleration and gravitation and allows you to control your....

  • WebID 1018853018
Cobra Inverter Remote Control CPIA20


  • MFR Part#: CPIA20
  • WebID 1010144723
Keyspan Easy Presenter Remote Control PR-EZ1

PC - 60 ft, Mac

  • MFR Part#: PR-EZ1

Easy Presenter provides complete PowerPoint and Keynote control including audio control plus a laser pointer. Just plug the receiver into the USB port on your PC or Mac and it begins working within seconds.

  • WebID 10746888
Keyspan Presentation Remote PR-US2

12.19 m

  • MFR Part#: PR-US2

The perfect tool for PowerPoint and Keynote. This RF remote works from up to 40 feet away and includes a laser pointer and full mouse control! There is no software to install. Just plug it into a PC or Mac and it works within seconds.

  • WebID 10127284
NEC Display Remote Control RMT-PJ29

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: RMT-PJ29
  • WebID 1014098851
NEC Display Projector Remote RMT-PJ24


  • MFR Part#: RMT-PJ24
  • WebID 1011050911
Plantronics 27708-01 Device Remote Control 27708-01

For Headset

  • MFR Part#: 27708-01
  • WebID 11264077
InFocus Device Remote Control J8947-0319-00

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: J8947-0319-00
  • WebID 1020406205
Seal Shield Silver Seal STV1 Device Remote Control STV1

For TV

  • MFR Part#: STV1
  • WebID 1017275273
BenQ Projector Remote Control 5F.26J1M.051


  • MFR Part#: 5F.26J1M.051
  • WebID 1012369185
Tripp Lite PR-PRO4 Device Remote Control PR-PRO4

65 ft (19812 mm) Wireless

  • MFR Part#: PR-PRO4

The Presentation Pro Remote Gyro allows you to control your mouse movement with a sweep of your hand. Its micro receiver has a storage place in the remote for easy transport. With RF, laser, mouse and audio controls in one sleek remote, it is an ideal tool for presenters and lecturers. Offering a range of 65 feet, the Presentation Remote Pro Gyro covers meeting rooms and lecture halls - and....

  • WebID 1019232254
SecurityMan Add-on Wireless Remote Controller (for Air-Alarm Series) SM-88X

For Alarm System - 300 ft Wireless

  • MFR Part#: SM-88X
  • WebID 1016779606
Optoma Remote Control BR-PK32N

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: BR-PK32N
  • WebID 1021522485
Epson Replacement Projector Remote Control 1547200

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: 1547200

The 1547200 standard replacement remote control is for use with the PowerLite S11, X12, X15, 420, 425W, 430, 435W, 470, 475W, 480, 485W and BrightLink 425Wi, 430i, 435Wi, 475Wi, 480i, 485Wi projectors. Requires two AA batteries.

  • WebID 1023783522
Optoma BR-3042B Device Remote Control BR-3042B

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: BR-3042B
  • WebID 1015914518
Optoma Device Remote Control BR-5043N

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: BR-5043N
  • WebID 1025056308
BenQ Device Remote Control 5J.J3S06.001

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: 5J.J3S06.001
  • WebID 1018533254
BenQ Device Remote Control 5J.J6N06.001

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: 5J.J6N06.001
  • WebID 1024618397
NEC RMT-PJ32 Device Remote Control RMT-PJ32

For Projector

  • MFR Part#: RMT-PJ32
  • WebID 1018535321
NEC Replacement Remote Control RMT-PJ23


  • MFR Part#: RMT-PJ23
  • WebID 1010535732
BenQ Projector Remote Control 5F.2605Q.011


  • MFR Part#: 5F.2605Q.011
  • WebID 1012369186
Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro with USB Receiver PR-PRO3

PC - 30.48 m

  • MFR Part#: PR-PRO3

  • Provides complete two-button mouse capabilities
  • Works up to 100 ft. even through walls and furniture
  • Start and End presentations, or hide the slide (darken the screen) with a push of a button
    • WebID 1010897296
    BenQ 5J.J2S06.001 Device Remote Control 5J.J2S06.001

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: 5J.J2S06.001
    • WebID 1021006096
    Hitachi Device Remote Control HL02881

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: HL02881
    • WebID 1022075760
    BenQ Device Remote Control 5J.J3G06.001

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: 5J.J3G06.001
    • WebID 1018533253
    Optoma Device Remote Control BR-PD20N

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-PD20N
    • WebID 1019004209
    Acer VZ.J5300.005 Device Remote Control VZ.J5300.005

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: VZ.J5300.005
    • WebID 1015914741
    Epson 1519442 Remote Control 1519442

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: 1519442
    • WebID 1016512191
    Epson 1470167 Remote Control 1470167

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: 1470167
    • WebID 1016512179
    GeoVision GV-IR Device Remote Control 81-RMS00-00B

    For DVR - 23 ft (7000 mm) Wireless

    • MFR Part#: 81-RMS00-00B
    • WebID 1015921404
    GeoVision 81-RMS00-00A Remote Control 81-RMS00-00A

    For DVR - 23 ft (7000 mm) Wireless

    • MFR Part#: 81-RMS00-00A
    • WebID 1015921403
    Elite Screens ZSP-IR-B Remote Control ZSP-IR-B

    For Projector Screen - 30 ft (9144 mm) Wireless

    • MFR Part#: ZSP-IR-B
    • WebID 1016809165
    Elite Screens ZSP-RF-B Remote Control ZSP-RF-B

    For Projector Screen - 100 ft (30480 mm) Wireless

    • MFR Part#: ZSP-RF-B
    • WebID 1016809170
    Optoma BR-3051B Device Remote Control BR-3051B

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3051B
    • WebID 1017302163
    Optoma BR-3059N Device Remote Control BR-3059N

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3059N
    • WebID 1020740831
    Optoma BR-3052N Device Remote Control BR-3052N

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3052N
    • WebID 1017302164
    Optoma BR-3048N Device Remote Control BR-3048N

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3048N
    • WebID 1015986673
    Optoma BR-5029L Device Remote Control BR-5029L

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-5029L
    • WebID 1015914522
    Optoma BR-3047N Device Remote Control BR-3047N

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3047N
    • WebID 1016572394
    Optoma Device Remote Control BR-3060B

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-3060B
    • WebID 1020837719
    Optoma BR-5030L Device Remote Control BR-5030L

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: BR-5030L
    • WebID 1016075473
    BenQ Remote Control for GP1 Projector 5J.J1806.001

    For Projector

    • MFR Part#: 5J.J1806.001
    • WebID 1016502227
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