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Cleaning and Janitorial Products

Cleaning and Janitorial Products
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Mizco Lens and Screen Cleaner DPS-LC
  • MFR Part#: DPS-LC
  • WebID 10495836
Digital Innovations CleanDr Multi-Purpose Duster 3011100

Moisture-free, Ozone-safe, Odorless

  • MFR Part#: 3011100
  • WebID 1011711569
Fujitsu Cleaning Cloths CG90000-120001
  • MFR Part#: CG90000-120001
  • WebID 11451967
Belkin Blaster Cleaning Duster 12 oz F8E412
  • MFR Part#: F8E412

Compact, extremely powerful, quick. Cleans all laptops, keyboards, CD, DVD, CD-R drives, disk drives, and printers. This highly effective non-abrasive and moisture-free product is just what the Computer Doctor ordered to prolong the life of your computer.

  • WebID 10122303
Mr. Clean Freshness Antibacterial Spray Cleaner 25303

Spray - 32 fl oz (1 quart) - Fresh, Citrus & Light Scent

  • MFR Part#: 25303

Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Disinfectant Spray with Febreze delivers antibacterial cleaning while eliminating odors with the fresh scent of Febreze. It cuts through grease. Convenient, effective spray is great for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other tough jobs.

  • WebID 1026720539
Fujitsu F1 Cleaning Solution PA03950-0352

100 mL

  • MFR Part#: PA03950-0352
  • WebID 1016417618
Charmin Ultra Strong Bthrm Tissue 86506

2 Ply - 165 Sheets/Roll - 16 / Pack - 3.9" x 4" - White

  • MFR Part#: 86506

Charmin Ultra Strong bathroom tissue delivers a dependable clean with its DuraClean texture. The two-ply tissue offers the Charmin softness and a durable construction with a diamond-weave texture for exceptional strength. Charmin Ultra Strong is safe for septic systems. Double-roll size lets you change the roll less often. Each roll fits in standard household, toilet roll dispensers.

  • WebID 1025881536
Fujitsu ScanAid Cleaning Kit CG01000-524801
  • MFR Part#: CG01000-524801

ScanAid is a factory-authorized consumables kit complete with instructions and cleaning supplies and can be purchased from your reseller or at The ScanAid kit provides handy replacements for consumables that wear naturally during normal use. And it serves as an indispensable preventative maintenance kit that helps improve performance, reduce service costs, and keep your....

  • WebID 1011230085
Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner 75227

Spray - 22 fl oz (0.7 quart) - Lemon Scent - Lemon

  • MFR Part#: 75227

All-purpose disinfectant cleaner provides a convenient way to clean and disinfect surfaces where germs and bacteria are a concern. Kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces in 30 seconds. Cuts though grease and grime while it disinfects. Includes handy ready-to-use trigger dispenser. Use cleaner on walls, counters, sinks, appliances, stainless steel, fiberglass and plastic....

  • WebID 1011916049
Crownhill Reclosable Poly Bag 80069

9" (228.6 mm) x 6" (152.4 mm) - 2 mil (51 Micron) Thickness - 100/Pack - Clear, White

  • MFR Part#: 80069

2 mil reclosable poly bags are designed for storing and shipping parts, clothing and food products. Bags are clear with white blocks for easy content labeling and identification. Poly bags' reclosable feature keeps out dirt and moisture.

  • WebID 1012623690
Scott Paper Towel 41482RL

1 Ply - 128 Sheets/Roll - 128 / Roll - 8.9" x 11" - White

  • MFR Part#: 41482RL

Perforated roll towels are ideal for absorbing spills and hand drying. Absorbency pockets are designed for a soft and absorbent performance to handle tough spills and cleanup. One-ply towels are made with a high percentage of recycled material. Each roll includes 128 sheets.
  • WebID 1010648550
Genuine Joe Ready-to-Use All Purpose Cleaner 02083

Liquid Solution - 128 fl oz (4 quart) - White

  • MFR Part#: 02083

All-purpose cleaner offers a multiuse institutional strength cleaner designed for tough cleaning tasks and outperforms ordinary household RTU cleaners. All-purpose cleaner penetrates heavy greases, carbon deposits, tire marks, oils, inks and soil buildup. Water-based, pleasantly fragranced cleaner is ready to use and totally rinsable. It deodorizes as it cleans.
  • WebID 1010043791
Rubbermaid Angled Lobby Broom 637400BL

7.5" (190.5 mm) Wide - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 637400BL

Angled lobby broom features tough, flagged, acid-resistant polypropylene filled bristles that trap fine particles. Shaped for easy sweeping even in hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for spot cleaning with dust pan. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Ideal for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard-to-reach areas. Can be used wet or dry on hard floors or carpeting. Broom includes....

  • WebID 1018539148
Genuine Joe Heavy-duty Trash Container 60464

121.13 L Capacity - Plastic - Blue

  • MFR Part#: 60464
  • WebID 1012680138
Rubbermaid Slim Jim 3540-75 Recycling Container 354075BLUE

87.06 L Capacity - 30" Height x 11" Width x 20" Depth - Plastic - Blue

  • MFR Part#: 354075BLUE
  • WebID 1020271423
Safco Step-On Waste Receptacle 9686SS

26.50 L Capacity - 21" Height x 14" Width x 14" Depth - Steel - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: 9686SS
  • WebID 1017373319
Genuine Joe Hand Gel Sanitizer 10451

473.18 mL - Pump Bottle Dispenser - Moisturizing - Clear - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 10451
  • WebID 1011092360
Genuine Joe Angle Broom 58562

1 Each - Yellow

  • MFR Part#: 58562

Angle broom features high-performance bristles to provide cleaning action. Flagged, acid-resistant PVC bristles trap fine particles and will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Use wet or dry. Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Lightweight design features a durable frame and solid broomhead construction. The 47" handle is made of steel tubing with vinyl coating. The head is made....

  • WebID 1018359497
Digital Innovations CleanDr Multi-Purpose Air Duster 3011600
  • MFR Part#: 3011600

The CleanDr Multi-Purpose Duster conveniently and safely removes dust and debris from electronic devices without leaving any residue. Perfect for cleaning delicate home and office electronics.

  • WebID 11528920
Genuine Joe Multi-Fold Paper Towel 21100

250 Per Bundle - 4000 / Carton - 9.5" x 9.1" - White

  • MFR Part#: 21100

Multifold towels facilitate hands-free dispensing to help prevent cross-contamination. Interfolded towels encourage faster traffic and cleaner restrooms. Deeply embossed design offers thickness and preferable feel. Ideal for public environments. Each bundle includes 250 towels. Towels are made from a high percentage of recycled fiber with post-consumer material that easily exceeds EPA guidelines.
  • WebID 11970426
P&G Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner 02621

Liquid Solution - 128 fl oz (4 quart) - Yellow

  • MFR Part#: 02621

Floor cleaner dissolves and removes tough, ground-in dirt from finished floors without leaving a dulling residue. Great for use in restaurants (front of house), salons, medical/dental offices, schools, daycares, offices and churches. Low sudsing formula makes it an excellent choice for use in automatic floor-scrubbing machines. Cleaner contains no phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, butyl....

  • WebID 1010048408
Bunzl Coronet Towel Roll RB800

6 Per Carton - 6 / Carton - 7.8" x 800 ft - White - Fiber

  • MFR Part#: RB800

Soft, strong roll towels are embossed to enhance absorbency and feel. Made from recycled fibers. Use in Quickview Lever Towel Dispenser. Towels are EcoLogo certified as being an environmentally preferred product that promotes a cleaner and safer world and a more sustainable future.

  • WebID 1011919737
Safco Push Top Dome Waste Receptacle 9675NC

56.78 L Capacity - Round - 6" Opening Diameter - 35" Height - 16.5" Diameter - Steel - Black

  • MFR Part#: 9675NC
  • WebID 1011866524
Lysol Disinfectant Wipe 75552

Wipe - Citrus Scent

  • MFR Part#: 75552

These disinfecting wipes provide a convenient way to clean and disinfect surfaces where germs and bacteria are a concern. Kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces in 30 seconds. Offer a quilted design for strength and effective cleaning application. Unique storage cap and air tight packaging ensures that wipes stay moist and effective. Use disinfecting wipes in restrooms and....

  • WebID 1011916056
Empack Computer Care & Cleaners 47090


  • MFR Part#: 47090

Lint-free, moist wipes safely clean dirt, smudges and fingerprints - without scratching, dripping, or streaking - from computer monitors, LCD screens, laptops, televisions and other electronic equipment. 100 wipes come in a convenient plastic tub.

  • WebID 1024137254
Genuine Joe Embossed Dinner Napkins 11253

2 Ply - 100 Sheets/Pack - 3000 / Carton - 17" x 15" - White

  • MFR Part#: 11253

Embossed dinner napkins are soft, consistent and versatile for a variety of your events. Two-ply, 1/8-fold design handles sticky messes with a soft touch. Napkins are made with a high percentage of recycled material.
  • WebID 1023555928
Continental Huskee Powerrotor Floor/Carpet Sweeper 5325

9.5" (241.3 mm) Wide - 1 Each - Black

  • MFR Part#: 5325

Sweeper is excellent for hard surfaces and carpeted floors. Unique, rubber corner fins effectively clean by walls and furniture. Large debris is easily removed. The rotor blades outlast conventional sweepers 8 to 1. Sweeper offers a 9-1/2" sweep path. Rotor blades are self-cleaning.

  • WebID 1010066237
Kaz HFD-120QC Air Purifier HFD120QC

IFD - 15.8 m▓ - Black, White

  • MFR Part#: HFD120QC

Tower Air Purifier with permanent filter offers quiet oscillating operation and 99 percent efficient at capturing a variety of harmful indoor air particles such as: smoke, dust, pollen and pet dander. QuietClean air purifier circulates and filters the room air every 12 minutes. Air purifier includes a washable filter and LED touch button controls with three air cleaning levels. Air purifier is....

  • WebID 1021144458
Rubbermaid Marshal Waste Container 816088BEIG

56.78 L Capacity - Round - 15.4" Opening Diameter - 36.5" Height - Beige

  • MFR Part#: 816088BEIG
  • WebID 11968779
P&G Bounty Everyday Napkin 34884

1 Ply - 100 / Pack - 12.1" x 12" - White - Paper

  • MFR Part#: 34884

Everyday napkins handle sticky messes with a soft touch. Bounty quilted napkins provide you with the strength you've come to trust. Each napkin is single-ply.

  • WebID 1011092543
Bright Air Super Odor Eliminator 900090

12742.58 L - 396.9 g - Cool, Clean - 60 Day

  • MFR Part#: 900090
  • WebID 1021069453
Charmin Basic 1-ply Toilet Paper 85983

1 Ply - 264 Sheets/Pack - 12 / Pack - White

  • MFR Part#: 85983

Charmin Basic is softness, strength, and value rolled into one. Squeezably soft, one-ply toilet paper is a great balance of Charmin softness and strength and is affordably priced to suit most budgets.
  • WebID 1028881229
Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 85123

2 Ply - 164 Sheets/Roll - 24 / Pack - 4.3" x 4" - White

  • MFR Part#: 85123

Charmin Ultra-Soft Bathroom Tissue is extra strong, absorbent and squeezably soft. Bathroom tissue is safe for sewer and septic systems. Each two-ply sheet measures 4-1/4" x 4". Each roll fits in standard household, toilet roll dispensers.

  • WebID 1025814459
MMF Currency Bag with Built-in Lock 2330881W08

11" (279.4 mm) x 8.5" (215.9 mm) - Army Duck - 1Each - Navy

  • MFR Part#: 2330881W08

Transport currency and other valuables using this heavy-duty currency bag with built-in lock. Currency bag stores, transports and protects coins, currency, checks and documents. Seven-pin lock provides maximum security for contents while double-stitched seams add the strength to withstand the impact of deposit drops. Currency bag includes framed ID window, address card and two keys.
  • WebID 11964981
Genuine Joe Maximum Strength Trash Can Liner 70341

33 gal - 40" (1016 mm) x 33" (838.2 mm) - 1.35 mil (34 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - Resin - 100/Carton - Black

  • MFR Part#: 70341

Trash container liners feature a state-of-the-art resin blend and a two-ply, low-density construction for maximum strength. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Super, extra heavy-duty, can liners come in a coreless roll for easy dispensing anywhere.

  • WebID 1010421438
Empack Anti-Static Screen Cleaner Non-Drip Foam 47042

Anti-static, Non-drip

  • MFR Part#: 47042

Antistatic foam screen cleaner cleans computer monitors, LCD and television screens, laptops, plasma TVs and PDA and handheld game devices. Innovative nondrip foam formula safely removes smudges, fingerprints and dirt without streaking or scratching sensitive surfaces. Ideal for use around the office, home or when traveling. Recommend using cleaner with a microfiber screen cleaning cloth, sold....

  • WebID 1018539509
Bright Air Scented Oil Air Freshener 900022

Liquid - 70.9 g - Macintosh Apple, Cinnamon - 45 Day

  • MFR Part#: 900022
  • WebID 1021069445
Genuine Joe Single-fold Paper Towel 21020

1 Ply - 250 Per Pack - 4000 / Carton - 10.3" x 9.1" - Natural

  • MFR Part#: 21020

Single-fold towels provide the ideal balance of economy and performance. Natural single-fold towels meet EPA guidelines for recycled content and are suited to the industrial and educational markets. Folded towels encourage faster washroom traffic and cleaner restrooms. Hands-free dispensing is more sanitary and prevents cross-contamination. Deeply embossed design offers thickness and preferable....
  • WebID 11970424
Genuine Joe Maximum Strength Trash Can Liner 70342

45 gal - 46" (1168.4 mm) x 39" (990.6 mm) - 1.55 mil (39 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - 50/Carton - Black

  • MFR Part#: 70342

Trash container liners feature a state-of-the-art resin blend and a two-ply, low-density construction for maximum strength. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Super, extra heavy-duty, can liners come in a coreless roll for easy dispensing anywhere.

  • WebID 1010421439
Tork Universal Bath Tissue Jumbo Roll TJ0922A

2 Ply - 12 / Carton - 3.6" x 1000 ft - 8.8" Roll Diameter - White - Fiber

  • MFR Part#: TJ0922A

Soft, absorbent jumbo roll bath tissue is made from recycled fibers with no added dyes or fragrances. Rapid break-up capability is ideal for all plumbing systems. Its universal core fits virtually all size jumbo tissue dispensers. Extra-long-lasting tissue means fewer changes, less maintenance, better control of paper waste. Smaller case cubes frees up about 40 percent more storage space....

  • WebID 1015858135
Rubbermaid GroundsKeeper 2570-88 Smoking Management Receptacle 257088BRN

39.4" Height x 12.3" Width x 12.3" Depth - Steel, Plastic - Brown

  • MFR Part#: 257088BRN
  • WebID 1020271381
Safco Step-On Waste Receptacle 9687SS

37.85 L Capacity - 27" Height x 14" Width x 14" Depth - Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: 9687SS
  • WebID 1016802280
Febreze Scented Stick/Refresh 84534

Stick - 5.50 mL - Fresh Meadow - 30 Day

  • MFR Part#: 84534
  • WebID 1025881532
Bright Air Daisy In Bloom Air Freshener 900119

65.2 g - Peach, Sparkling Bloom - 60 Day

  • MFR Part#: 900119
  • WebID 1023555881
Genuine Joe Clear Trash Can Liners 01011

16 gal - 31" (787.4 mm) x 24" (609.6 mm) - 0.60 mil (15 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - 500/Box - Clear

  • MFR Part#: 01011

Trash can liners are ideal for recycling and pilferage control. High-clarity, clear film allows easy viewing of contents in the low-density bag. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Bags come in a convenient coreless roll for easy dispensing anywhere.

  • WebID 1010043399
Wilen Professional Pro Economy Mop Head Refill H10324-111


  • MFR Part#: H10324-111
  • WebID 11971628
Genuine Joe Natural Cotton Yarn Mop Refill 54102

24" Width - Cotton

  • MFR Part#: 54102
  • WebID 1010421424
Datacard 552141-002 Isopropanol Cleaning Card 552141-002
  • MFR Part#: 552141-002
  • WebID 1010100690
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