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Cleaning and Janitorial Products

Cleaning and Janitorial Products
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Mizco Lens and Screen Cleaner DPS-LC
  • MFR Part#: DPS-LC
  • WebID 10495836
Digital Innovations CleanDr Multi-Purpose Duster 3011100

Moisture-free, Ozone-safe, Odorless - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 3011100
  • WebID 1011711569
Digital Innovations CleanDr Multi-Purpose Air Duster 3011600

2 / Pack

  • MFR Part#: 3011600

The CleanDr Multi-Purpose Duster conveniently and safely removes dust and debris from electronic devices without leaving any residue. Perfect for cleaning delicate home and office electronics.

  • WebID 11528920
Master Stain-Buster Leather Cleaner 18071

Liquid Solution - 8 fl oz (0.3 quart) - Black, Yellow

  • MFR Part#: 18071

Fast-acting, water-based cleaner restores and revitalizes all types of pigmented and aniline leather, removing most stubborn spots and stains completely, safely and easily. IT will not affect leather's original properties or finish. Cleaner works best with included synthetic sponge. Use regularly to help keep leather looking new longer.

  • WebID 1016156285
Genuine Joe Kitchen Trash Bag 02312

13 gal - 31" (787.4 mm) x 24" (609.6 mm) - 0.85 mil (22 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - 150/Box - White

  • MFR Part#: 02312

Tall kitchen bags offer low-density construction. Each heavy-duty bag is made with a high percentage of recycled material. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Bags come in a convenient coreless roll for easy dispensing anywhere.

  • WebID 1010421389
Softsoap Aloe Vera Hand Soap 26012EA

221.80 mL - Pump Bottle Dispenser - Moisturizing, Antimicrobial, Rich Lather

  • MFR Part#: 26012EA
  • WebID 1016626003
Rubbermaid GroundsKeeper 2570-88 Smoking Management Receptacle 257088BLA

39.4" Height x 12.3" Width x 12.3" Depth - Steel, Plastic - Black

  • MFR Part#: 257088BLA
  • WebID 1020271322
Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Dust Pan 200500CH

12.25" Wide - Plastic - Charcoal

  • MFR Part#: 200500CH
  • WebID 1018539159
Safco Fire-safe Wastebasket 9604BL

22.71 L Capacity - Round - 13" Opening Diameter - 14" Height - Steel - Black

  • MFR Part#: 9604BL
  • WebID 11969279
Safco Round Mesh Wastebasket 9717BL

18.93 L Capacity - Round - 13" Opening Diameter - 14.5" Height - Steel - Black

  • MFR Part#: 9717BL
  • WebID 1011092592
Safco Recycling Receptacle with Lid 9632BU

75.71 L Capacity - 30" Height x 16" Width - Steel - Blue

  • MFR Part#: 9632BU
  • WebID 1011092588
Lysol Sufrace Cleaner 75553

Wipe - Spring Scent - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 75553

These disinfecting wipes provide a convenient way to clean and disinfect surfaces where germs and bacteria are a concern. Kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces in 30 seconds. Offer a quilted design for strength and effective cleaning application. Unique storage cap and air tight packaging ensures that wipes stay moist and effective. Use disinfecting wipes in restrooms and....

  • WebID 1021489992
Genuine Joe Heavy Duty Contractor/Kitchen Trash Bag 02311

42 gal - 48" (1219.2 mm) x 33" (838.2 mm) - 2.50 mil (63 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - 20/Box - Black

  • MFR Part#: 02311

Contractor cleanup bags feature two-ply, low-density construction for uniform sidewall strength. Flat bottoms avoid bottom-seal weak spots and increase capacity 30 percent more than star-bottom bags. Heavy-duty bags include twist ties and come folded in convenient dispenser carton.

  • WebID 1010421388
Wilen Professional Pro Economy Mop Head Refill H10316-111


  • MFR Part#: H10316-111
  • WebID 11971627
Bright Air Super Odor Eliminator 900014

12742.58 L - 396.9 g - Lavender, Fresh Linen - 60 Day

  • MFR Part#: 900014
  • WebID 1021069443
Genuine Joe Angle Broom 58562

1 Each - Yellow

  • MFR Part#: 58562

Angle broom features high-performance bristles to provide cleaning action. Flagged, acid-resistant PVC bristles trap fine particles and will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Use wet or dry. Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Lightweight design features a durable frame and solid broomhead construction. The 47" handle is made of steel tubing with vinyl coating. The head is made....

  • WebID 1018359497
Rubbermaid LobbyPro Upright Dust Pan 2531-00

Rear Wheels - BlackPan

  • MFR Part#: 2531-00
  • WebID 1011917197
PM SecurIT Plastic Disposable Deposit Money Bag 58002

9" (228.6 mm) x 12" (304.8 mm) - Plastic - 100/Pack - Clear

  • MFR Part#: 58002

Disposable deposit bags are designed to detect tampering with contents. Tough, co-extruded film withstands rough handling and shifting of heavy contents. Clear design allows easy identification of the contents. Tamper-evident deposit bags meet all regular shipping requirements and are sequentially numbered for tracking.

  • WebID 11967422
Scotch-Brite SB8215RFCA Dishwand Refill SB8215RFCA


  • MFR Part#: SB8215RFCA

Refill scour pads for Scotch-Brite Soap-Dispensing Dishwand are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces like glassware and china without scratching.

  • WebID 1015565555
3M Mini Lint Removal Roller 836RCNC30

1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 836RCNC30

Lint removal roller quickly and easily picks up lint, pet hair and dust from clothing, auto interiors, furniture and countless other surfaces. Lint removal roller features exclusive better-grabbing 3M adhesive.

  • WebID 1011917984
PM SecurIT Plastic Disposable Deposit Money Bag 58001

9" (228.6 mm) x 12" (304.8 mm) - Plastic - 100/Pack - White

  • MFR Part#: 58001

Disposable deposit bags are designed to detect tampering with contents. Tough, co-extruded film withstands rough handling and shifting of heavy contents. Opaque design conceals contents. Tamper-evident deposit bags meet all regular shipping requirements and are sequentially numbered for tracking.

  • WebID 11967421
Genuine Joe Metered Air Freshener 10442

Aerosol - Cotton - 30 Day

  • MFR Part#: 10442
  • WebID 1011091078
Liquid-Plumr Drain Cleaner 01165

Gel - 77.8 fl oz (2.4 quart) - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 01165

Liquid-Plumr Heavy-duty Clog Remover provides a powerful, fast-acting solution for both fully clogged and slow-running drains. Ready-to-use formula works on a variety of clogs caused by hair, food soils, grease and other materials that slow drains. Clog remover is safe for disposals, septic tanks and plastic pipes. From Clorox Commercial Solutions, this drain cleaner is ideal for use in....

  • WebID 1021489985
Compucessory Air Duster Cleaning Spray 24302

Ozone-safe, Moisture-free - 2 / Pack

  • MFR Part#: 24302

Power Duster delivers a blast of compressed air for an effective, efficient cleaning method for hard-to-reach or sensitive areas. Formula is 100 percent moisture-free and ozone-safe. Power Duster contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse.

  • WebID 1010042178
Genuine Joe Economy High Density Can Liner 70015

56 gal - 46" (1168.4 mm) x 43" (1092.2 mm) - 0.55 mil (14 Micron) Thickness - High Density - Resin - 200/Carton - Translucent

  • MFR Part#: 70015

High-density trash bags are made with puncture-resistant, high-density resin. Ideal for office waste. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Coreless, small-count rolls keep bags at your fingertips and can be easily stored.

  • WebID 1010421436
Zytec Hand Sanitizer 01200

60 mL - Clear

  • MFR Part#: 01200
  • WebID 1021490574
Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner 01068

Foam Spray - 23.9 fl oz (0.7 quart) - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 01068

Green Works Bathroom Cleaner tackles tough stains such as soap scum, hard water and rust. The 99 percent naturally derived formula is safe on multiple surfaces including counters, sinks, tubs, tiles and shower doors. From Clorox Commercial Solutions, this spray cleaner is perfect for use in schools, offices, restaurants, daycare centers and other commercial facilities. Made with plant-based,....

  • WebID 1018539606
Gojo POrtable Instant Hand Sanitizer 965124CAN

118.29 mL - Dye-free, Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic, Moisturizing - Clear - 1 / Each

  • MFR Part#: 965124CAN
  • WebID 1011918097
Cascade Dishwashing Detergent 44601

25 / Pack

  • MFR Part#: 44601

These water-soluble action pac pouches combine the cleaning power of Cascade with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. Their concentrated liquid and powder combination results in superior stain removal and shine for your dishes. Are easy to use, without mess or accidental spills. They pretreat, fight stains, and rinse away tough food particles, fighting through layers of residue to leave nothing....

  • WebID 1026720547
3M Scotch-Brite Multipurpose Scrub & Wipe Sponge 5794-CA

4.3" x 2.5" x 1.3" - 6/Pack

  • MFR Part#: 5794-CA

These scrub sponges are specially designed for tough, heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Green fiber sides are highly effective scouring tools that break up dried on spills and help cleaning fluids penetrate stubborn stains without scratching even delicate Teflon coatings. Absorbent sides gently wipe clean. Sponges include antimicrobial protection that removes bacteria from nonporous surfaces and....

  • WebID 1011917665
Rubbermaid HYGEN Q850 Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand with Microfiber Sleeve Q85000BK

1 Each

  • MFR Part#: Q85000BK

Flexible, high-pile, electrostatically charged, launderable microfiber dusting sleeve conforms to irregular surfaces to remove dust, dirt and grime from crevices. Extends 20" to reach high and awkward areas. Add optional 24" to 40" lightweight aluminum quick-connect extension handle to get even greater reach.

  • WebID 1015564835
Kimberly-Clark Facial Tissue With Pop-Up Dispenser 21400

2 Ply - 100 Sheets Per Box - Gray

  • MFR Part#: 21400

Facial tissue offers premium quality and softness, providing the comforts of home away from home. Tissue also offers absorbency.

  • WebID 1011707240
Diversey Dove Ultra Mild Liquid Hand Soap 2979401

3.79 L - Moisturizing - White - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 2979401
  • WebID 11962307
Genuine Joe Large Enduro Cleaning Cloth 39507

5 / Pack - Blue

  • MFR Part#: 39507

Reusable, lint-free cleaning cloth is highly absorbent. Cleaning cloth is designed to hold up to 20 times its own weight in water and eliminate water droplet trails other towels leave behind. Closed pores won't harbor bacteria. Cloth is soft, durable and resistant to tearing. Cloth is made of natural materials (cellulose and cotton). Machine-washable and dishwasher-safe cloth will replace up....

  • WebID 1028973485
Genuine Joe Safety Lens Wipes 10479

Ammonia-free - 120 / Pack - White

  • MFR Part#: 10479

Lint-free wipes safely get lenses streak-free clean in one simple step. Wipes eliminate messy overspray. Formula provides anti-fog and antistatic benefits for glass, plastic and polycarbonate lens.

  • WebID 1012680132
Rubbermaid T-Cell Odor Control Refill 402113

Gel - 169901.08 L - Citrus - 60 Day

  • MFR Part#: 402113
  • WebID 1018539156
Genuine Joe Heavy-duty Broom 60467

24" (609.6 mm) Wide - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 60467

Floor Sweep and Handle combo features a wood block that is double-filled with a heavy polypropylene center and flagged polypropylene around the outside. 24" wide floor sweep is designed to pick up both fine and medium particles. Heavy-duty, all-purpose floor sweep also includes a 1-1/4" x 60" hardwood handle that provides sturdy workability. Replacement handle is sold separately.

  • WebID 1012675244
Genuine Joe Linear Low Density Can Liners 02150

33 gal - 39" (990.6 mm) x 33" (838.2 mm) - 0.65 mil (17 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - 250/Carton - Black

  • MFR Part#: 02150

High-quality trash bags are packed in unique dispenser cartons and handle all refuse needs. Star-bottom construction is designed for more even distribution of contents. Each 0.7 mil thick bag is two-ply for sturdier containment. Low-density, medium-duty trash bags come in a convenient coreless roll for easy dispensing anywhere.

  • WebID 1010421856
Empack Mini Air Duster 500 47020

Moisture-free, VOC-free - 1 Each

  • MFR Part#: 47020

Air duster safely removes dust, dirt and lint from computers, electronics and office equipment including keyboards, printers, cameras, CD and DVD players, telephones and automobiles. Leaves no residue. Is non-VOC and moisture-free. Air duster is ideal for hard to reach areas at home or office.

  • WebID 1018539510
Storex Recycling Container 61549U06C

Rectangular - 10.5" Height x 18" Width x 13.5" Depth - Blue

  • MFR Part#: 61549U06C
  • WebID 1018539081
Genuine Joe Hand Towel Dispenser 02198

C Fold, Multifold - 15.5" (393.7 mm) x 11.3" (285.8 mm) x 4" (101.6 mm) - Stainless Steel - Silver

  • MFR Part#: 02198
  • WebID 1010043721
Zebra Cleaning Card 105999-701
  • MFR Part#: 105999-701

Extend printer life and maintain performance with printer cleaning cards for cleaning important parts, such as printheads, transport rollers, and the magnetic encoder station.

  • WebID 1024409460
Datacard 552141-002 Isopropanol Cleaning Card 552141-002

10 / Pack

  • MFR Part#: 552141-002
  • WebID 1010100690
Zebra Cleaning Roller 105912G-301

5 Set

  • MFR Part#: 105912G-301
  • WebID 1021082498
Genuine Joe Drawstring Trash Can Liner 01229

13 gal - 25.1" (638 mm) x 24" (609.6 mm) - 0.90 mil (23 Micron) Thickness - Low Density - Resin - 60/Box - White

  • MFR Part#: 01229

Flexible, drawstring, trash can liners are extremely flexible and expand around all sorts of objects and trash. State-of-the-art linear, 0.9 mil, low-density resin offers superior puncture-resistance. Patterned design makes it easy to differentiate from regular drawstring liners. Convenient drawstring closure keeps hands clean and free of trash. Each extra heavy-duty, can liner holds 13....

  • WebID 1012680133
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