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Honeywell QuietCare HCM-630 Humidifier HCM630

Wick/Evaporative System - 4.73 L - 11.36 L/Day - 97.5 mē - 44 W

  • MFR Part#: HCM630

QuietCare humidifier uses cool moisture to quietly provide natural relief from dry air. Manual controls for adjustable humidistat and three moisture control settings simplify operation. Holds 3 gallons and runs 12 to 24 hours per filling. Protec Continuous Cleaning feature includes a Protec Cleaning Cartridge to help provide fresher, cleaner mist and a Protec Antimicrobial treated filter to....

  • WebID 10593513
Hamilton Beach D50065 Coffee Urn D50065

1000 W - 60 Cup(s) - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: D50065
  • WebID 1016223457
Royal Sovereign 1,000 Watt, 1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven RMW100030W

31.15 L - 1 kW - White

  • MFR Part#: RMW100030W
  • WebID 1024137652
Proctor Silex Electric Kettle K2087

1 L - Black

  • MFR Part#: K2087
  • WebID 1021490341
Proctor Silex Electric Kettle K4090

1.70 L - White

  • MFR Part#: K4090
  • WebID 1021490338
Proctor Silex 43571Y Coffee Maker 43571Y

12 Cup(s) - White

  • MFR Part#: 43571Y
  • WebID 1018539198
Royal Sovereign 1,000 Watt, 1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven RMW100030S

31.15 L - 1 kW - Black, Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: RMW100030S
  • WebID 1024137651
BUNN Pour-O-Matic Coffee Brewer VPR

1.89 L - 12 Cup(s) - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: VPR
  • WebID 1010037434
Kaz HZ0360C Convection Heater HZ0360C


  • MFR Part#: HZ0360C
  • WebID 1018539326
Hamilton Beach C40515 Coffee Urn C40515

42 Cup(s)

  • MFR Part#: C40515
  • WebID 1011918569
Kaz HCM350C Humidifier HCM350C

7.57 L Tank

  • MFR Part#: HCM350C

Three-speed, manual control, two gallon humidifier kills up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, mold and spores in the water, providing worry-free healthy moisture for easier breathing. Patented germicidal chamber eliminates the need for liquid additives. Humidifier features an automatic moisture balance system. Runs up to 24 hours on one filling. Tank is easy to carry, fill, clean and won't break.....

  • WebID 1018539331
Proctor Silex 100 Cup Commercial Coffee Urn 45100C

100 Cup(s) - Silver

  • MFR Part#: 45100C
  • WebID 1025814460
Proctor Silex Easy Morning 43574Y Coffeemaker 43574Y

12 Cup(s) - Black

  • MFR Part#: 43574Y
  • WebID 1020271370
Hamilton Beach BrewStation 48465C Summit Ultra Brewer 48465C

12 Cup(s) - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: 48465C
  • WebID 1015565037
Kaz Air Filter HAC700CPDQ
  • MFR Part#: HAC700CPDQ

Designed for Honeywell HCM-750 Series for cool moisture humidifiers, the HAC-700 Replacement Filter B removes minerals and pollutants from water. Air Washing Prefilter helps capture dirt, dust and pollen from the air that passes through the filter. Protec Antimicrobial Treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria on the filter. The filter material is....

  • WebID 1026720407
Hamilton Beach 40870C Electric Kettle 40870C

1500 W - 1.70 L - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: 40870C
  • WebID 1018539359
Honeywell QuickSteam 3.0 Gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier HWM330NC

Warm Mist - 11.36 L Tank - 97.5 mē

  • MFR Part#: HWM330NC

QuickSteam Warm Moisture Humidifier provides natural relief from dry air with soothing, pure warm moisture. Holds 3 gallons and runs over 24 hours on one filling. Digital programmable humidistat control maintains precise, humidity level throughout the home. Humidifier is designed for rooms up to 1,050 square feet. Two lightweight removable tanks with handles are easy to clean, carry and fill.....

  • WebID 1024137393
Danby DCR059WE Refrigerator DCR059WE

48.14 L - Manual Defrost - White

  • MFR Part#: DCR059WE
  • WebID 1017493134
Tatco 39000 Energy-Saver Heating Panel 39000

Electric - White - Floor

  • MFR Part#: 39000
  • WebID 1014346571
Proctor Silex 31111 Toaster Oven 31111

Toast, Broil, Bake - Black, Gray

  • MFR Part#: 31111
  • WebID 1021490343
Proctor Silex Electric Kettle K2080

1 L - White

  • MFR Part#: K2080
  • WebID 1021490342
Proctor Silex Electric Kettle K3080

1.70 L - White

  • MFR Part#: K3080
  • WebID 1021490340
Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filter HAC-504AWC
  • MFR Part#: HAC-504AWC

Replacement filter for Honeywell natural cool moisture humidifiers removes minerals and pollutants from water. Protec Antimicrobial Treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria on the filter. The filter material is reinforced for maximum efficiency and longer filter life. The exclusive Dry Lift Handle helps to keep hands dry and clean while changing your....

  • WebID 1026720406
Proctor Silex 48524RY Coffee Maker 48524RY

12 Cup(s) - Yes - Black

  • MFR Part#: 48524RY
  • WebID 1017402297
Hamilton Beach 31511 Toaster Oven 31511

Toast, Reheat, Roast, Broil, Bake - Stainless Steel

  • MFR Part#: 31511
  • WebID 1021722198
Fellowes HF-300 True HEPA Replacement Filter for AP-300PH Air Purifier - TAA Compliant 9370101

16.25" Height x 12.63" Width x 1.19" Depth - Microfiber Glass - White

  • MFR Part#: 9370101

True HEPA Filter captures 99.97 percent of particles and impurities as small as 0.3 microns, including mold spores, pollen, dust mites, most airborne microbes, allergens and cigarette smoke. Filter is compatible with the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier. Filter is made of microfiber glass.

  • WebID 1021230254
Honeywell Easy To Care 2.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier HCM750C

Cool Mist - 7.57 L/Day - 130.1 mē

  • MFR Part#: HCM750C

Humidifier's patented top-fill technology allows easy filling from above with a pitcher or water can. Eliminates trips back and forth to the sink with a heavy tank that has to be flipped over onto its base. Flowing water provides relaxing, soothing sound. Quietly runs 48 hours on one filling while manual controls provide simple operation with two settings. Removable dishwasher safe top grille....

  • WebID 1024137388
Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffeemaker 49981C

1300 W - 414.03 mL

  • MFR Part#: 49981C
  • WebID 1026720398
Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Brushed Finish Toaster 24504C

Toast, Bag (the price is for ONE piece)el - Silver

  • MFR Part#: 24504C
  • WebID 1026720395
Kaz Air Filter HDC200CPDQ
  • MFR Part#: HDC200CPDQ

Demineralization Cartridge is designed for use in Honeywell HUT-220 Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier. Cartridge helps neutralize minerals in the water.

  • WebID 1026720408
Kaz HWM950C Humidifier HWM950C

Warm Mist - 11.36 L/Day

  • MFR Part#: HWM950C

Three gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier quietly runs overnight on one filling to output up to three gallons of moisture per day. Offers two settings to control output. Refill light shows when water needs to be added. Auto shutoff provides added safety. Has a large tank opening for easier cleaning. Medicine cup dispenses soothing vapors and is dishwasher safe. Compact 12" wide by 7" deep by....

  • WebID 1018539327
Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker 40791C
  • MFR Part#: 40791C
  • WebID 1026720396
Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Dual Brew 49884C
  • MFR Part#: 49884C
  • WebID 1026720397
Honeywell Universal HEPA Replacement Filter 38002
  • MFR Part#: 38002

Universal Carbon Prefilter fits all round Honeywell models. The activated carbon prefilter reduces odors and captures large particles to extend HEPA filter life. Filter should be replaced every three months.

  • WebID 11964116
3M Air Filter OAC-100RF

For Air Purifier - Remove Dust, Remove Pollen, Remove Airborne Particles

  • MFR Part#: OAC-100RF

Replacement air filter is designed for use with 3M Office Air Cleaner model OAC100 that cleans a room up to 20' x 24' or 480 square feet in size. Filtrete filter technology helps reduce airborne dust, pollen and particulates down to 0.01 microns. Filter is easy to change.

  • WebID 10071378
Royal Sovereign 0.7 cu. ft. 700 Watt Microwave Oven RMW700-20W

19.82 L - 700 W - White

  • MFR Part#: RMW700-20W
  • WebID 1023607713
Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Brushed Finish Toaster 22504C

Toast, Bag (the price is for ONE piece)el - Silver

  • MFR Part#: 22504C
  • WebID 1026720394
Honeywell Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier HUT220C

Ultrasonic, Cool Mist - 3.79 L Tank - 97.5 mē

  • MFR Part#: HUT220C

Cool mist humidifier features patented top-fill technology for simple operation. Funnel-shaped top opening allows it to be easily filled from above using a pitcher or water can. Capacity is 1.5 gallons. Flowing water provides relaxing soothing sound. ProTec treated filter and water reservoirs help keep the humidifier clean between cleanings. Easy-To-Care Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier....

  • WebID 1026720410 High Flow Mesh Air Filter for 120 mm Computer Case Fan FANFILTER12M



This Mesh Air Filter is a high air-flow, fine mesh case fan filter that prevents dust from being drawn into the computer through the case cooling fan intakes. The air filter is designed for 12cm Fans, helping to keep the inside of the computer case cleaner while preserving the lifespan of the fan by eliminating dust clogs.

  • WebID 11296994
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