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Ceiling Mounts Assorted

Ceiling Mounts Assorted
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Telehook TH-WH-PJ-FM Universal Projector Ceiling Flush Mount TH-WH-PJ-FM

Steel - 33 lb - White

  • MFR Part#: TH-WH-PJ-FM

Easy to install and packed with innovative features, the Telehook Projector Flush is a winning design. It offers full 360 degree rotation of the projector, enabling you to reposition your presentation or moving pictures wherever you want them. Pitch and roll can also be adjusted and the whole projector quickly removed for easy maintenance or replacement using the quick release mechanism. This....

  • WebID 10862601
Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV-W Ceiling Mount for Projector PRGS-UNV-W

22.68 kg Load Capacity - White

  • MFR Part#: PRGS-UNV-W

The PRGS Series Projector Mount is simplifying the way image alignment is done. The precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by either simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or using the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place - it will hold its....

  • WebID 1023736007
Epson Universal Projector Ceiling Mount ELPMBPJF

22.68 kg Load Capacity - Silver


For value and versatility

With its low profile and versatile design, this mount offers a clean, sleek appearance, making it perfect for use in classrooms, boardrooms, hotels and restaurants, or virtually anywhere a projector needs to be mounted.

  • WebID 1011338612
Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV Ceiling Mount for Projector PRGS-UNV

22.68 kg Load Capacity - Black

  • MFR Part#: PRGS-UNV

The PRGS Series Projector Mount is simplifying the way image alignment is done. The precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by either simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or using the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place - it will hold its....

  • WebID 1023217222
Peerless PRG-UNV Precision Gear Projector Mount PRG-UNV

22.68 kg Load Capacity - Aluminum - Black

  • MFR Part#: PRG-UNV

Peerless' PRG-UNV Precision Gear Projector Mount is changing the way image alignment is done. The patent-pending precision gear design provides exact tilt and roll image positioning with a simple turn of a knob. Once the installer sets the precision gear to the desired position it stays securely in place. It will not shift during projector maintenance, bulb replacement, and will not loosen or....

  • WebID 1010903069
Amer Mounts Universal Drop Ceiling Projector Mount. Replaces 2'x2' Ceiling Tiles AMRDCP100KIT

Supports up to 30lb load, 360 degree rotation, 180 degree tilt

  • MFR Part#: AMRDCP100KIT

If you're looking to get your projector off your desk and up into your ceiling, this drop ceiling mount is the mount for you! The AMRDCP-100KIT replaces a 2' x 2' ceiling tile, allowing for a quick and clean installation; no messy tile cutting or drilling. With install times less than 1 hour, it is a fast, easy way to let you get on with your day. It can hold up to 30 lb projectors and....

  • WebID 1024374180
Telehook TH-1040-RCA Ceiling Mount for Flat Panel Display TH-1040-RCA

24.95 kg Load Capacity - Steel, Aluminum, Plastic - Black

  • MFR Part#: TH-1040-RCA

Angled ceilings are not a problem with the Telehook TH-1040-RCA accessory suitable for the Telehook TH-1040-CTS and TH-1040-CTL ceiling mounts. It will suit any application with the ceiling angle up to 45 degrees. All mounting hardware included.

  • WebID 1017471834
Telehook TH-1040-CT-B2B Mounting Adapter for Flat Panel Display TH-1040-CT-B2B

24.95 kg Load Capacity - Steel, Aluminum, Plastic - Black

  • MFR Part#: TH-1040-CT-B2B

The dual screen accessory for the Telehook TH-1040-CTL and TH-1040-CTS ceiling mounts TH-1040-B2B easily converts single display mount into a dual back-to-back screen configuration. Installation is quick and simple with all mounting hardware included.

  • WebID 1017471833
Telehook TH-1040-CTS Ceiling Telescopic Short Pole Display Mount TH-1040-CTS

24.95 kg Load Capacity - Steel, Plastic, Aluminum - Black

  • MFR Part#: TH-1040-CTS

The TH-1040-CTS is a cutting edge ceiling mount offering superior display versatility, combined with enhanced safety features and hassle-free installation. The "donut" mounting head effortlessly rotates the screen through 360 degrees around the pole and to maximise display impact the VESA Ball Mount can infinitely adjust display position by 20 degrees in any direction. Display height is also....

  • WebID 1017471829
Telehook TH-PT24 Suspended Ceiling Tile for Projector Mount TH-PT24

22.68 kg Load Capacity - Steel - White

  • MFR Part#: TH-PT24

The Telehook 24" Ceiling Tile assists with the mounting of projectors into a suspended ceiling structure. It is designed to slot into a grid matrix with minimal weight bearing capacity to provide a stable and secure attachment platform with facility for position adjustment and the installation of cable sockets. It works with the Atdec Flush and Pole projector mounts as well as 3rd party pole....

  • WebID 1020453895
Telehook TH-1026-CT Ceiling Tilt Display Mount TH-1026-CT

14.97 kg Load Capacity - Steel - Black

  • MFR Part#: TH-1026-CT

For an affordable yet professional display, this Telehook ceiling mount is ideal for small screens weighing up to 33lbs.(15kg). Everything you need to create a professional finish is included - internal cable management, flexible pole adjustment and quick attachment.
Ideal for surveillance systems, demonstration or point of sale, this ceiling mount is specifically designed for easy....
  • WebID 1023001788
Da-Lite T-Bar Clip 78445

22.68 kg - Black, White

  • MFR Part#: 78445

Use for attaching screens easily and without tools to dropped ceiling type "T" rails. Available in black or white, sold in pairs.

  • WebID 1010090450
Peerless PC932B Universal Ceiling Mount PC932B

36 kg - Black

  • MFR Part#: PC932B

  • IncreLock feature secures tilt in place in 5° increments
  • +15°/-5° of adjustable tilt to achieve the ideal screen viewing position
  • Internal cable management allows cables to be routed through extension column
    • WebID 1011680855
    Telehook ProAV Ceiling Mount for Projector TH-PF

    24.95 kg Load Capacity - Steel - White

    • MFR Part#: TH-PF

    The ProAV Telehook TH-PF is a highly versatile projector mount that can be mounted flush to the ceiling or attached to extension poles (sold separately). It incorporates a high level of tilt, pitch, roll and yaw adjustment to ensure the perfect viewing angle in any mounting solution. High security features are integrated throughout the design to ensure projector security in public environments.....
    • WebID 1025670794
    Telehook TH-3070-CTW-EXT-1M ceiling mount extension for TH-3070-CTW or the TH-3070-CTW-B2B TH-3070-CTW-EXT-1M

    For Flat Panel Display

    • MFR Part#: TH-3070-CTW-EXT-1M

    This product is an extension pole for use with Telehook TH-3070-CTW or TH-3070-CTW-B2B Ceiling Display Mount. It adds 39" (1m) to the drop length on either and is designed for simple assembly. The extension pole has a female socket on one end which connects to the mount and locks in place with a screw (provided). The other end connects to the ceiling plate that is also supplied with the....
    • WebID 1023752965
    OSD Audio Ceiling Mount for Projector TSMPRB2

    19.96 kg Load Capacity - Black

    • MFR Part#: TSMPRB2

    OSD Audio's Desktop, Projector and Shelf Mounts are the perfect solution for your more custom mounting needs. It's not just your TV that OSD helps you to mount with premium function and security; we also offer desktop monitor, projector and component shelving solutions. Perfect for a professional or home office are our desktop monitor mounts which provide full motion tilt/swivel capabilities for....
    • WebID 1026142948
    Cisco Ceiling Mount for Wireless Access Point AP540N-CMK
    • MFR Part#: AP540N-CMK
    • WebID 1014545049
    Peerless ACC560 Structural Ceiling Plate ACC560

    22.68 kg - Black

    • MFR Part#: ACC560
    • WebID 1010829295
    Peerless Round Structural Ceiling Plate ACC570

    Steel - 68 kg

    • MFR Part#: ACC570

    Model ACC570 Round Ceiling Plate is compatible with all Peerless® projector mounts. The Round Ceiling Plate is also compatible with many Peerless small to medium size TV mounts (see maximum load warning).

    • WebID 10294982
    Peerless Lightweight Suspended Ceiling Tray CMJ455

    Steel - 22.68 kg

    • MFR Part#: CMJ455

    The Lightweight Suspended Ceiling Plate for Projector Mounts consists of an 8"(203mm) x 24"(610mm) filler tray and a 15.75"(400mm) x 24"(610mm) ceiling tray suspended by four tie wires from the true ceiling above.

    • WebID 10583095
    Peerless-AV Ceiling Mount ACC120

    136.08 kg Load Capacity - Steel - Black

    • MFR Part#: ACC120

    The ACC120 Internal Joist Mount attaches between two ceiling joists above a finished ceiling. Its expandable design allows for attachment to joists on 16" or 20" centers. The mount features a 1 1/2-11.5 NPS threaded fitting which accepts most Peerless Extension Columns. Because it is adjustable, the installer can fine tune the point of attachment prior to installation. This flexibility will....

    • WebID 10508793
    AXIS 5502-781 Ceiling Mount for Surveillance Camera 5502-781


    • MFR Part#: 5502-781

    Drop ceiling mount for AXIS P3343, AXIS P3344 and AXIS P3346 including clear transparent bubble. For indoor use.

    • WebID 1019107374
    Epson Advanced Ceiling Mount for Projector ELPMBPRG
    • MFR Part#: ELPMBPRG
    • WebID 1016501391
    InFocus PRJ-MNT-INST Ceiling Mount for Projector PRJ-MNT-INST

    22.68 kg Load Capacity - Steel - Black Wrinkle

    • MFR Part#: PRJ-MNT-INST

    Use this Mount to easily mount your large venue projector on the ceiling. This mount is for projectors that weigh 25 to 50 lbs. (11 to 23 kg).

    • WebID 1019899511
    Peerless PLCM-UNL-CP Solid-Point Flat Panel Straight Column Ceiling Mount PLCM-UNL-CP


    • MFR Part#: PLCM-UNL-CP

    The Solid-Point Straight Column Ceiling Mount offers a straight column from the ceiling attachment point to the flat panel screen. The straight column ceiling mount is ideal for sports facilities, airports, lobbies or retail environments.

    • WebID 11957513
    Telehook TH-3070-CT-B2B accessory kit for TH-3070-CTS and TH-3070-CTL Black TH-3070-CT-B2B

    64.86 kg Load Capacity - Aluminum, Steel - Black

    • MFR Part#: TH-3070-CT-B2B

    The Telehook TH-3070-CT-B2B is an accessory kit that enables the attachment of a second screen to the TH-3070-CTS and the TH-3070-CTL ceiling mounts in a dual back-to-back configuration.
    • WebID 1023895398
    Peerless-AV Ceiling Mount CMJ310

    113.40 kg Load Capacity - Steel - Black

    • MFR Part#: CMJ310

    Peerless ceiling plates attach to a variety of ceiling surfaces and structural beams. They are designed for use with Peerless TV mounts, flat panel mounts, and projector mounts. These ceiling plates enable to meet the most demanding applications.

    • WebID 10579129
    Peerless Truss Ceiling Adapter ACC557

    Steel - 544 kg

    • MFR Part#: ACC557

    Truss Ceiling Adapter, adapts the Jumbo or Jumbo 2000 Ceiling Mount to square, round, rectangular or I-beam type trusses [up to 3" (76mm) in diameter].Adapter can be used with or without an extension column.

    • WebID 10579007
    Peerless Cathedral Ceiling Adapter ACC556

    136kg, 136kg

    • MFR Part#: ACC556
    • WebID 10579125
    Axis Pendant Kit 5502-431
    • MFR Part#: 5502-431
    • WebID 1013690236
    Axis Drop Ceiling Mount Kit 5005-041
    • MFR Part#: 5005-041
    • WebID 1010473115
    SIIG Ceiling Mount for Projector CE-MT1112-S1

    14.97 kg Load Capacity - Aluminum, Steel - Black

    • MFR Part#: CE-MT1112-S1

    SIIG's Universal Ceiling Projector Mount - 19.7" to 30.3" allows for easy projector installation to wood, concrete or masonry ceilings. It features an easy height adjustment design that mounts the projector 19.7 to 30.3 inches from the ceiling, supports projector weighing up to 33 lbs, and tilts and swivels for easy adjustment of projector angle. The ceiling mount is designed with high-quality....

    • WebID 1022194521
    InFocus PRJ-MNT-UNIV Ceiling Mount for Projector PRJ-MNT-UNIV

    11.34 kg Load Capacity - Steel - Black Wrinkle

    • MFR Part#: PRJ-MNT-UNIV

    Use this mount to easily mount your meeting room or classroom projector on the ceiling. This mount is for projectors that weigh up to 25 lbs. (11 kg).

    • WebID 1019899510
    Telehook TH-3070-CTS TV ceiling mount | short pole black TH-3070-CTS

    21.5" to 35.5" Screen Support - 64.86 kg Load Capacity - Aluminum, Steel - Black

    • MFR Part#: TH-3070-CTS

    The Telehook TH-3070-CT is a medium to heavy weight ceiling mount designed to offer the ultimate in versatility and universal compatibility. It is the perfect solution for retail and commercial displays, offering 360º of rotation around the pole, an extended drop length of up to 74.8" (1900mm) (TH-3070-CTL) and 30º of adjustable tilt. It also offers fixed portrait display support making it the....
    • WebID 1023895400
    Telehook TH-PFK Ceiling Mount for Projector TH-PFK

    24.95 kg Load Capacity - Steel - White

    • MFR Part#: TH-PFK

    The ProAV Telehook TH-PFK is a highly versatile projector mount kit that includes a flush ceiling projector mount, a 3" NPT pole, and a ceiling plate. It is a complete solution that is suitable for a large range of mounting situations out of the box and is also upgradeable. The flush mount incorporates a high level of tilt, pitch, roll and yaw adjustment to ensure the perfect viewing angle in....
    • WebID 1025670793
    InFocus PRJ-PLTA Ceiling Mount for Projector PRJ-PLTA

    22.68 kg Load Capacity - Steel

    • MFR Part#: PRJ-PLTA

    Use this projector installation kit to install your projector on a suspended tile ceiling. It replaces the 2 x 2-foot (600 x 600 mm) ceiling tile with a false plate. Use with universal mount.

    • WebID 1019899519
    Amer Mounts Universal Ceiling Projector Mount - White AMRP100

    Supports up to 30lb load, 360 degree rotation, 180 degree tilt

    • MFR Part#: AMRP100

    This cast aluminum projector mount adds versatility and simplicity to mounting a projector to a ceiling. The adjustable mounting arms adapt to projectors allowing for flexible installation. This model includes many different options:

    • Supports up to 30lbs
    • Fast Disconnect
    • Angle Free Tilt
    • White as well as Silver available
    • Universally adaptable to....
    • WebID 1024638188
    Peerless Vibration Absorber Ceiling Mount ACC845


    • MFR Part#: ACC845

    The Vibration Absorber Ceiling Mount for use on Unistrut reduces unwanted vibrations on mounting surface that may cause internal damage or cause interference with projector image.

    • WebID 10511235
    Peerless PRG-EXB Adjustable Projector Ceiling/Wall Mount Kit PRG-EXB

    22.68 kg - Black

    • MFR Part#: PRG-EXB

    This PRG-EXB Adjustable Projector Ceiling/Wall Mount Kit combines the precision adjustment capabilities of the PRG projector mount line with a convenient variable-adjustable square column extension kit. It includes the ceiling/mount, extension column and mounting hardware for either ceiling or wall applications.

    • WebID 1012105697
    Peerless-AV Ceiling Mount for Flat Panel Display LCC-36-CS

    13" to 29" Screen Support - 18.14 kg Load Capacity - Silver

    • MFR Part#: LCC-36-CS

    The slim design of the LCD Ceiling Mount offers the ideal low profile mounting solution and enhances the professional look of any 13" to 29" LCD screen. The slender adjustable extension column minimizes the mount's appearance while maximizing the screen's presence in any room. Models with the optional cable management covers offer a sleek, stylized veneer that conceals cords and augments the....

    • WebID 10593758
    Telehook TH-3070-CTW Ceiling Mount for Flat Panel Display TH-3070-CTW

    30" to 65" Screen Support - 90.72 kg Load Capacity - Aluminum, Steel, Plastic - White

    • MFR Part#: TH-3070-CTW

    With TELEHOOK products, mounting large LCD and plasma TVs and displays is easy. The TELEHOOK range offers comprehensive solutions for small (from 12") and large (up to 63") displays in the home and commercial environments. The wide range includes wall and ceiling mounts as well as universal solutions for mounting projectors, giving you the flexibility to choose the best way to mount your....

    • WebID 1015462730
    Arecont Vision MD-CMT Ceiling Mount for Surveillance Camera MD-CMT

    Aluminum - Ivory

    • MFR Part#: MD-CMT

    High quality wall mount and pendant mount accessory designed for the Megadome Series. Combining MD-WMT and MD-CMT accessories with the superior imaging of an AV camera provides the perfect solution for environments in which cameras need to be less noticeable, or require additional protection from the elements.

    • WebID 1014326558
    Bogen TB8 Ceiling Mount for Speaker TB8
    • MFR Part#: TB8

    The TB8 Tile Bridge is a load-bearing T-bar support designed to sustain the weight of an 8" speaker, grille and protective enclosure in suspended ceiling construction. Use of the TB8 improves environmental safety and eliminates unsightly sag in 2'-by-2' and 2'-by-4' acoustic ceiling tiles.

    • WebID 1011664244
    Speco TS8 Ceiling Mount for Speaker TS8


    • MFR Part#: TS8
    • WebID 1017307520
    Arecont Vision SV-CMT Ceiling Mount for Surveillance Camera SV-CMT


    • MFR Part#: SV-CMT
    • WebID 1019801822
    MOOG Videolarm CA15 Ceiling Mount CA15


    • MFR Part#: CA15
    • WebID 1012786656
    Speco Ceiling Mount for Surveillance Camera DFM
    • MFR Part#: DFM

    The DFM dome flush mount kit allows select Speco Technologies dome cameras to be flush mounted into walls and ceilings. Give your customers the designer look they desire.

    ? Back box easily flush mounts into hollow walls and ceilings
    ? Flush mount box is secured with the use of four retaining clamps
    ? Perfect for existing construction
    ? Preconfigured to fit several types....

    • WebID 1023134964
    SIIG Ceiling Mount for Speaker CE-MT1612-S1

    3.63 kg Load Capacity - White

    • MFR Part#: CE-MT1612-S1

    SIIG's Satellite Speaker Mounts - 5.1 (White) easily and securely mount 5.1 channel surround sound satellite speakers to the wall or ceiling. It accommodates most speaker brands and designs, supports speakers weighing up to 8 lbs, and allows customizable tilt, swivel, and pivot angle adjustments for optimal speaker positioning. It is an easy-to-install mounting solution perfect for your 5.1....
    • WebID 1024733372
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